Sony acquires Sucker Punch

Infamous developer joins Sony WWS for undisclosed sum

Sony World wide Studios has acquired Sly Cooper and inFamous developer Sucker Punch for an undisclosed sum.

The Washington-based outfit will be the sixteenth to join the corporation and will continue to be run by the existing management team, in conjunction with SCE WWS Foster City Studio.

"Sucker Punch Productions is one of the most highly acclaimed development studios in the industry and we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the company for over 12 years," said president of SCE WWS, Shuhei Yoshida. "We are delighted to officially welcome them to the SCE family.

"The addition of Sucker Punch to SCE WWS reiterates our dedication to developing world class gaming experiences that can only be found on the PlayStation platform. With one of the strongest exclusive software lineups in the PS3's history, combined with the diverse, innovate content in the works for PlayStation Vita, consumers have a lot to be excited about this year."

"We've enjoyed an incredible relationship with Sony that has allowed us to combine our creative design capabilities with their guidance to make some of the best franchises to hit the PlayStation platforms," added Sucker Punch's Brian Fleming.

"Equally important, the relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties. As a part of the Sony Computer Entertainment group we look forward to introducing more innovative content and providing consumers with exciting, new interactive experiences."

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Latest comments (11)

Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 6 years ago
Were they threatening to make their games multi-platform? I can't see any other reason why Sony would buy a company that worked exclusively for them since 2000.

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Seb Downie Producer, Guerrilla Games6 years ago
Great news. Welcome to the fold :)
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Whilst congratulations are in order to Suckerpunch, my crystalball reckons the welcome to the WWS fold is also partly due to the vacuum left by Insomniac. With a proven strong IP of inFamous and Sly cooper (which is looking ammmaazing of the likes of a stylised Pixar film), the opportunities and right moment thus allowed a 12 year relationship to become a marriage into the wider circle of WWS trust :)
Congrats Brian & team!
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Christian Philippe Guay Technical Game Designer, Gameloft Montreal6 years ago
Wonderful news for PS3 gamers. I just hope that Sucker punch strongly gets some benefits out of that marriage.
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Robley LeJeune Developer 6 years ago
Dr. Wong: I agree that Insomniac going multiplatform had something to do with Sony's decision though I disagree with you on the new look for Sly. I liked the old cell shaded look better. It was a distinctive look that drew me into the series. Why change a good thing?
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Aodhan O'Donnell6 years ago
Great news! Sucker Punch have a great track record, hope they keep it up.
and also the new sly cooper game isn't being developed by sucker punch.
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Jan Almqvist Senior Level Artist, Ubisoft Quebec City6 years ago
I think all this bodes well for the PS4 launch line-up. Why make SP first-party? Well, this move gives SP much more in terms of technical assistance and access to the ICE team and judging by the technological success of the last few years and the quality of Uncharted, Killzone, LBP, GoW etc this trend will likely continue into the next gen. Having a shared braintrust moving on to a new platform will most likely be quite helpful.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if we will see 3-4 first-party, high-quality PS4 launchtitles from Sony and another 3-4 during the first year.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
Good stuff; I have really enjoyed SP's output and this seems like a natural extension of their partnership which continues to put Sony in good stead going forward regarding first party output.

I'm hoping this also 'confirms' that Infamous 3 is on the way... really enjoyed the second game.
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a Infamous 3 would be nice indeed. I guess the question one has to ask is, will it be a cause of any IP fatigue. Trilogies work good, but what happens when one finishes that - onwards to a pentology,
or perhaps after the success of a hit title, interweave it with another IP, allowing just enough time to lapse that the next in the series is relatively fresh, exciting and something to look forward to.

A good way to spoil a IP for example would be the early Batman film series or the Alien series. Even the later stages of the terminator series were starting to flag compared to the first 2.

As such, 3rd within a series either does a series justice or can be a right flounder. (probably because the amount of story/mileage and raw creative material is just sufficient to produce a fulfilling third)
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
True; IP fatigue would be an issue, but I always felt the first two games were poised for greatness, albeit just held back (although the second game was a significant improvement in many ways, it still has a few irritating niggles IMO), so a part of me would love SP to take 24-30 months developing a second sequel (or longer if it's to be a PS4 title) and bring out something to wow fans and sceptics alike. On the other hand, I think a break for another game or franchise would probably be a good thing for the studio after I imagine 5 years or more of Infamous. Plus, the plot between both games was perfectly complimentary and at least in the case of the good ending (have yet to finish it as Bad Cole!) it was very final - not that I think Sony wants to put the franchise to bed though, but I wonder how they'd work around that in the next game. In the mean time, how about Sucker Punch try out an experiment to make a creative 800MB downloadable adventure, or something?

If/when there is another Infamous instalment, top of my wishlist would be Euphoria character physics or something very similar, as seen in RDR and GTA IV. I think that would add immensely to the feel of the connection with the game world and the enjoyment of the combat. I would also like to see more variety in the enemy types, and improved AI too. They really nailed it in terms of city design and feel, mission variety and plot/characterisation in Infamous 2, and it was mainly these additional requests which I felt kept the game from greatness.

Also, I checked out the Opus Artz website a couple of weeks ago and I loved the Infamous 2 artwork. Very impressive stuff (ditto the Dead Space 2 artwork, etc).

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@ Terence - There is a pro and con to starting/stopping a project. I suspect that for inFamous 2, the team were really in tune with both the IF1 and IF2 lore that IF2 was quite consistent and epic in terms of narrative/adventure.
The good/bad endings suggest suggestively that there could be a possible comeback for a world of conduits or a world without. It could always have a typical XMEN - all out war between the remaining conduits if a trequel were produced (i honestly have no idea which direction Suckerpunch will go. I quite liked the Sly cooper work though)

for a far left wing approach, if i had to speculate, why not produce a totally new IP? the team is capable and as you say, allowing for a longer development time of a probably inFamous 3 they could alternate between a new IP, sly cooper and then bring the world of cole back (with/without cole. Who knows)
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