Gameloft sales up 15% year-on-year for first half 2011

Smartphone and tablet sales up 55%, 6 month revenue of 76.8m

Digital game specialist Gameloft has reported a 15 per cent year-on-year sales increase for the first half of 2010, resulting in sales of 76.8 million (67.18m).

During that six month period, 30 per cent of all sales occurred on smartphones or tablets a 55 per cent increase from the same period a year ago.

33 per cent of all sales for the first half of fiscal 2011 occurred in Europe, with North America accounting for 28 per cent and the rest of the world 39 per cent.

Second quarter sales were 37.4 million (32.7m), an increase of 11 per cent from Q1 2010 a slight slowing of growth from the 20 per cent increase in the first quarter.

The company sees the continuing emergence of smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and other new digital media as a positive influence on future performance, predicting continued growth over the rest of the year. Gameloft has twenty new releases tabled across a number of platforms between now and financial 2012.

Last month, Gameloft Auckland's former studio programming head accused Gameloft of hugely pressured working conditions, alleging that he had regularly been asked to work 100-120 hours a week.

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Gregory Keenan6 years ago
However: terrible support for Android tablets right now. Im unable to play NOVA due to their inbuilt authentication system. Multi touch regularly failed, crashed, froze.

Does make me wonder why they still refuse to sell some games in the Android marketplace.....

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Nicholas Russell writer 6 years ago
Can't say I'm too surprised by this as their games are among the best that the app store has to offer. After playing their PS3 offerings a bit I wouldn't be surprised to see these numbers increase next year.
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