PS3 sales drop in first quarter, Corp losses hit $191m

Company still expects to sell 15m home consoles for full year; Earthquake takes toll on wider business

Sony Corporation has reported a net loss of ¥15.5 billion ($191 million) for the first quarter ended June 30, compared to a profit of ¥25.7 billion for the same period last year.

The company said sale and profits were down mainly due to the impact of the Japanese Earthquake in March this year, although operations affected by the disaster are recovering faster than expected.

Sales of the PlayStation 3 dropped to 1.8 million units for the first quarter, down from 2.4 million for the same period last year.

Sales of PlayStation 3 games were up to 26.1 million units, from 24.8 million last year. Despite the slump in hardware, Sony still expects to outsell last year's PS3 total for the full financial year, forecasting 15 million sales compared to 14.3 million. Software sales are expected to be static at around 148 million games.

Sales of the PlayStation Portable were up on last quarter, from 1.2 million to 1.8 million, while PlayStation 2 sales dropped from 1.6 million to 1.4 million.

Sony's Consumer Products & Services division, which now includes PlayStation products as well as TV, home audio and video, mobile products and digital imaging, reported operating profits of ¥1.7 billion ($21 million), down from ¥28.5 billion last year, primarily due to a decline in LCD TV and video cameras.

Sales in the division were down 13 per cent to ¥732.3 billion ($9 billion), due to low sales in the US and Europe and competition in the PC market. The company made no detailed comments on the PlayStation business.

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Ouch. Both Ninty & Sony lose $200m in the qrt ... while Apple posts record revenue and profits. The dollar must be having a massive impact on all these companies.

Still - Sony sells 5m hardware units for the qrt - Apple sells around 20m *iPhones* alone. The world has definitely changed.
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Aodhan O'Donnell10 years ago
what i want to know is who the hell is buying all these ps2's
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Peter Paninar Artist 10 years ago
thats because everbody needs a(n i)phone but only a fraction of that also needs a pure dedicated gaming machine... thats why I can't understand why sony didn't combine xperia and vita together.. that would be one hell of a product.. an iphone rival with proper controls (which is the weakest point of the iphone imho)...

as it looks now there is no reason to buy xperia as there are better devices and vita would need a lot of convincing as I don't really need another dust collector and so far there is no game announced that would convince me to throw away 250~
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 10 years ago
"thats because everbody needs a(n i)phone"

As Palmer says in John Carpenter's The Thing: "You've got to be fucking kidding me...."

EVERYONE does NOT need an iPhone and I'm surprised riots aren't starting every time they announce a new model (that's probably going to have similar or more problems than the last if the 3 to 4 "leap" was any indication.

Also, while you're half right about Xperia and Vita (Sony's strategy is odd there, but they're targeting what they still see as two separate markets. A THIRD Vita model with a phone option would have been the smarter way to go), dedicated handhelds still make sense to some of us PURE gamers because a lot of us simply don't want to have to answer a damn phone while we're enjoying a quality game experience, casual or otherwise.

As for Vita, you need to actually play with one and see that a good deal of those games are indeed worth buying. games such as Ruin and WIpeOut 2046 that allow for cross platform play with the PS3 should do well (with more to come) and the weird stuff like Reality Fighters (which I hated until I saw and played it) should grab a few curious casual users who like quirky games.

I take it you haven't touched the system yet? Or do you do ALL your gaming strictly on an iOS device? I'll suggest trying the system out at some point when you can. I might not change your Apple hive mind, but you might have a tiny bit more respect for it afterward...
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James Podesta Lead Programmer, SASimulations10 years ago
Greg, he said everyone needs a phone... its standard to get a new phone (for free) every contract term (24 months). Thats why sony sales are dropping. Smart phones will be cutting into Camera, Video Camera and Portable Games Machine sales now, so sony will be suffering from that. the (n i) meaning a(n i)Phone is just to point out the most popular currently - though they aren't the only ones eating into sony's business.

Also the iPad will be cutting into the profits. My kids live on the iPad(s) now, so the incentive to keep up with consoles and handhelds has gone away.

Vita looks great, but most people already have a device that does mobile gaming, so the incentive to upgrade is diminished...

Also, not sure what "problems" the leap from 3 to 4 was... apart from a poorly designed aerial, everything went pretty smoothly. You just sound like some kind of anti-apple fanboy making statements like that.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by James Podesta on 29th July 2011 1:26am

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James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester10 years ago
Aye calm down Greg, he was pointing out that everyone needs a phone not an iphone. lol
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