GAME rolls out digital titles to all stores

Cards activated in-store for online titles such as Moshi Monsters and Runescape

Retailer GAME has rolled out its digital game cards to 1200 stories in the UK, Europe and Australia.

There are 26 games available, including online titles Runescape, Moshi Monsters and FarmVille, with the cards activated in-store to be redeemed online.

An earlier trial of the cards highlighted that 83 per cent of customers are using cash, gift cards, reward points and traded-in games instead of credit or debit cards.

"Our stores offer payment methods that aren’t available online, and which offer complete financial control and security," said Tricia Brennan, GAME's commercial strategy director. "Customers can now use reward card points and traded-in games to pay for a digital title.

"We’ve learned that traditional retail disciplines work well with digital games. High profile in-store promotions, attractive trade-in deals, and sound advice from store teams have all raised the profile of digital titles and encouraged new customers to buy them."

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Daniel Hinkles Management/Design 8 years ago
Hopefully this will (if it hasn't already) spread to PSN/XBLA games.
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