Console games help EA profits more than double in Q1

Portal 2, Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space 2 raise sales to $999m, profits at $221m

Electronic Arts has reported first quarter profits of $221 million, more than double the $96 million from the same period last year.

Sales were up to $999 million, compared to $815 million, with 2 million sales of Valve's Portal 2, Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2. Crytek's Crysis 2 has now sold over three million units since release.

"This was another solid quarter driven by both digital and packaged goods," commented John Riccitiello, CEO.

"We saw strong digital revenue growth over the prior year. On packaged goods, NCAA is off to a great start and pre-orders for Battlefield 3 are tracking extremely well."

Breaking down the $999 million sales for the quarter, digital sales accounted for $232 million, up from $176 million. Packaged goods sales were at $647 million compared to $586 million in 2010, and distribution of boxed product hit $120 million, up from $53 million.

EA revealed that FIFA 11 has sold 11 million units across all platforms and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a total of 9 million since release.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has broken EA's pre-order records, according to the company, while Battlefield 3 pre-orders are ten times that of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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John Karageorgiou consultant 6 years ago
This is good news for EA, and for the gaming community in general. EA have improved their gaming line-up in leaps and bounds, and have some of the freshest IP in th eindustry today. Please make Mirror's Edge 2 a reality!! :-)
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
It's just a shame that Bulletstorm didn't make any money. It's one of the freshest and most enjoyable FPSs I've played in the last few years.
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Wow. It appears that Mr Riccitiello may be successfully turning the supertanker around; I think he and the EA team should be pretty proud of these results, especially generating over $230m from digital.
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Show all comments (5)
Mass Effect 3 will probably account for a significant amount of the profits for EA in Q1 2012, let the good times roll
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Michael Bennett Jack of all trades, master of some. 6 years ago
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