Zynga's exclusivity deal with Facebook revealed

New addendum to IPO filing list details of agreement

New details about Zynga's relationship with Facebook have emerged after updates to the CityVille creator's S-1 documents.

The social gaming giant has granted exclusivity to Facebook for any game that integrates with the social networking site, and agreed not to place those titles with other social sites, for a period not specified in the documents. Some of the titles included in the deal are Mafia Wars, Cafe World and Farmville.

Zynga can however use mobile platforms, while Facebook can use Zynga properties for mobile apps. The documents also refer to a Zynga Platform, but no details are listed.

The addendum also reveals that Google has invested in Zynga, but again, no further details about what that entails, or how that works alongside the exclusivity deal, are apparent.

However, suggestions that the documents show an agreement by Facebook to share revenue from canvas app ads have been rebutted by the social network.

"We donít have agreements with any developers, including Zynga, to share revenue from ads next to their Facebook canvas apps," a Facebook representative told Inside Social Games.

"We did agree with Zynga to work together in the future on providing ads on their properties beyond Facebook, but we have no current time line for when we might start working on that."

The documents are part of the $1 billion IPO filed by Zynga earlier this month.

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Zynga with Facebook sounds a bad thing to me.
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They already do in the Google Chrome App Store
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