Key XCOM devs leave to form new studio

Art director and lead designer leave 2K Marin/Australia to form Uppercut Games

Two members of the team developing 2K's forthcoming XCOM reboot have left to form a new studio.

Art director Andrew James and lead designer Ed Orman today announced their departure from 2K Marin/Australia to establish Uppercut Games - the second time in a week that former AAA developers have left a major studio to focus on smaller projects.

James and Orman have 28 years of shared experience, including Fallout: Tactics, Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance and the Bioshock franchise. They will focus on bringing "AAA quality to mobile and downloadable games."

Uppercut is based in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, and will receive support from the Digital Media Fund created by the NSW government's department of industry and investment.

The studio's first project, Epoch, will an action-combat game for iOS devices , and is due for release later this year

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Good luck Andrew!
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Thomas Luecking9 years ago
Freedom Force... Bioshock... former Irrational Games affiliation too?
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Yes, irrational australia
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game9 years ago
@thomas, Bioshock 2 was co made by 2K Marin and australia. I believe 2K Marin has quite a few ex irrational members who moved to work on Bioshock 2.
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Thomas Luecking9 years ago
Ah! Did not know that Irrational had an Australian presence back in the days of Freedom Force... thanks for clarification!
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Heh, good luck Ed - have to catch up some time :)
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