Namco Bandai enters legal dispute with Witcher 2 dev

Publisher reportedly suing over THQ acquiring publishing rights to 360 SKU

Namco Bandai is reportedly entering into a legal dispute with Optimus SA - parent company of Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt Red.

The problem arises from complicated distribution deals for the Xbox 360 version of the game, which has been awarded to THQ in Europe. Namco Bandai managed the PC release worldwide, whilst Namco-owned Atari are dealing with the 360 version in the US.

Namco is also seeking damages after accusing CD Projekt Red of breaching contract by removing DRM from the PC version of the game.

The story was originally picked up by Polish site CD Action, but was developed later by Giant Bomb after a press statement from Optimus SA.

That statement makes clear that the Polish company sees no wrongdoing in its actions.

"Namco's claims are unfounded," Giant Bomb reports the statement as reading. "In the opinion of the [Optimus] management board, Namco consequently claim the desire to continue cooperation in the distribution [of] CDP RED products after the recent release of games released on PC, due to the expected potential sales of this title for console Xbox 360."

Namco Bandai is thought to be refusing to pay 1,225,000 in previously agreed fees to the developer as a consequence of the actions.

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Gregory Keenan6 years ago
I hope - whatever the outcome, that CD pojekt Red continue. I am finding the witcher 2 to be one of the best games I have played in years.
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