Industry features in BAFTA's Brits to Watch

Charles Griffiths and Matt Turner make inaugura list

Two of the industry's game designers have appeared in The British Academy of Film and Television Arts' first Brits to Watch list.

Charles Griffiths, a designer at Lionhead Studios, and Matt Turner, who has worked on Race Driver: GRID and Colin McRae: DiRT 2have both been named in the list, ahead of a special event which will take place July 9 in Los Angeles.

Griffiths is currently working on Fable: The Journey, and has been with Lionhead Studios since 2008. He's also part of a team of five Lionhead employees working on Shuffle, an internal 2D platformer that uses Kinect.

Turner is a designer at Playground Games, who are currently recruiting for their first project, and previosuly worked at Codemasters on their racing franchises.

"The selection panel had no hard and fast rules about the number of previous credits a candidate should have, how old they are or how many years they need to have been in the business in order to be included," said the official BAFTA press release of the selection process. "They looked at each person individually, assessing where they are in their careers and how they might benefit from the event and an introduction to Hollywood."

"Amongst the group, there is a range of experience, but what they all have in common is that our panel has seen in them a real spark of talent and creativity and we should expect to hear more from them in the future."

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Paul Smith Dev 8 years ago
Why are the Bafta's taking place in LA?
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Michael Burnham8 years ago
They are promoting BAFTA / Brits in general over in the USA see [link url=

Also note that these aren't THE BAFTA's this is BAFTALA's inaugural "Brits to Watch" event. The above website goes on to say that the event will be attended by "HRH The Duke of Cambridge, and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as part of their visit to California, helping highlight the incredible depth and range of great British talent currently emerging in film, television and video games."
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In addition, BAFTA has a US branch, hence the cross promotion! (its all good!)
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