Bing Gordon: online gamers should generate $3 per hour

World is being "gamified" says Zynga board member and ex-EA exec

Online gamers should always generate an average of $3 of value per hour, regardless of the game they are playing, according to comments made by former EA executive Bing Gordon.

Now a partner with venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as well as a board member of Amazon, Ngmoco, and Zynga, Gordon insisted the metric was necessary for "an illusion they're creating value".

Speaking to GamesBeat, Gordon used specific examples of earning gold in World of Warcraft (based on its worth on the black market) and generating $3's worth of gifts or coins per hour in FarmVille.

Gordon claimed that the lines between game and the real world were becoming blurred and that his metric was evidence of the world becoming "gamified".

As well as referencing Foursquare, Gordon pointed to the work of Zynga as pioneering the trend and giving a reason for players to constantly return to a game for minor rewards. This he says makes it easier for Zynga to generate revenue, from the increased percentage of users paying for items in free-to-play games.

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I'm not sure if this statement causes revulsion that gamers are cash cow earners/hour or if true, is a realistic reflection of the way our games market has become - $ metrics for minimal gameplay as perceived value.

Where are the good ole days?
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Diane Lagrange Founder and Consultant, ICO Partners10 years ago
The method can work as a rule of thumb for pricing time-shortcut items on F2P games (when both progression and price are controlled by the developer) but it's nonsense on any game with trade and a black market (like the WOW example). Blizzard doesn't decide the price of second-hand gold (though it is impacted by policy towards farmers, expansions and al) , it's different on each server, varies a lot, and it would be crazy to alter the game's progression to follow the prices.
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Jeffrey Kesselman CTO, Nphos10 years ago
Gordon is insane. This is play, not work.

If the only metric you have is how much "real world" value is generated then you are missing the entire point.

This isn't gameification of work... its workification of games.

And if they are working, not playing, minimum wage is $7.25/hr

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