Mass Effect 3 named "most promising retail" title of E3

EEDAR names Bioware sequel in show review

Industry research firm EEDAR has named EA's Mass Effect 3 as its most promising retail title of E3.

"We are excited to see that there was such a high level of interest in Mass Effect 3 during E3, especially when you consider how many amazing games were on display at this year's show," responded Patrick Buechner, developer Bioware's VP of marketing studios.

Executive producer Casey Hudson also tweeted "this is because of all your support during E3!"

Also in the top five of most promising were Battlefield 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Revelations.

EEDAR gave Mass Effect the title after analysing statistics from both IGN and Game Trailers for the top 500 games at E3. Overall they considered 78 million page views and 45 million media views to determine the levels of consumer interest. The full report is available here.

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Latest comments (3)

Jaakko Heinonen Student - Computer Science 6 years ago
I am personally hoping that Mass Effect 3, while I'm quite sure will be a good game, has Charm and Intimidate separated from Paragon and Renegade. I may be a goody two shoes, but when someone harasses my squadmates, I want to shoot them in the face.
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Jack Molloy Studying BTEC Level 3 Art and Media In Games Developemt, Derby College6 years ago
Im personally most looking foward to ME3, using my Kinnect for a "hardcore" game for once :)
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Trevor Roberts Studying BSc (Honours) Computing and IT, Open University6 years ago
I made ME3 a pre-order in January and only recently changed the order to the Collectors Edition. Having witnessed the huge development in ME2 from the original - it's as if they realised that they had an unanticipated blockbuster on its hands and threw money at it - then hopefully the final instalment of the trilogy will be immense.

@Jack I would consider myself a "hardcore" gamer too and despite some negativity in the media, this year's E3 swayed my decision to purchase a Kinect. Titles such as ME3, Forza 4 and the upcoming Ryse whetted my appetite but for me the icing on the cake - Kinect related - was Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

This video is worth watching even if it only to see the 'gunsmith' in action.
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