Avalanche Studios predicts new hardware by 2014

David Grijns sets date for the start of the next generation

David Grijns, managing director of Avalanche New York, has said expects at least one new console on the market by 2014.

"We obviously talk to everybody, and everybody talks to us," Grijns told Edge. "We have some intelligence to go on that, by early 2014, we're pretty sure there'll be at least one next-generation console on the market."

The comments came after a press release for the launch of the New York studio, which referred to an unannounced AAA title "targeted for release on next-generation platforms in 2014."

"When we say next-gen in the press release, it's really a reference to what we think the market will look like then," Grijns explained. "Anyone who says they know what the market is going to look like three years from now is just blowing smoke. Whatever happens, we feel very confident that we'll be ready for it."

Avalanche Studios headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and is best known for Just Cause 2. The New York studio will include members of the Swedish team, but also plans to hire around 50 new developers in its first two years. The recruitment process will start at the end of the month in Manhattan.

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By Dan Pearson

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