Sumo Digital teams with Sheffield Hallam University

Partnership will see OutRun 2 and Dr Who developer mentor industry hopefuls

UK developer Sumo Digital has announced a new scheme to mentor a group of students from Sheffield Hallam University's game development courses, as part of a continuing partnership with the university.

A total of 13 students will be offered a series of internships at the Yorkshire studio, renowned for racing games such as OutRun 2 and other titles such as Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

The university already has its own development studio, called Steel Minions, which is registered as an official PlayStation Minis developer. Based in Sheffield Hallam University's Science Park, the studio offers current students and recent graduates the chance to develop games for commercial release.

"The fact that the largest developer in the region is giving our students these opportunities is really exciting," said senior lecturer Dr Jacob Habgood.

"Along with the chance of developing games in-house here at Sheffield Hallam, they now have the chance to be involved in developing major international releases and working with some really inspirational industry figures."

Steel Minions is run in line with the recent Livingstone report, giving students practical experience of the full development process from concept design to QA submission.

"We're really impressed with the standard of Sheffield Hallam's students, and it's great that we can utilise their skills and talent through these placements," said Sumo Digital studio manager Paul Porter.

"The games industry is a tough one to break into, so opportunities like this are key for students and graduates, as is being able to learn in an environment like the Steel Minions games studio."

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It's great that such a real world opportunity to train and integrate the next gen of game developers are to be had. This would be a great template for further regional roll outs for game developers uk wide
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David Ramsden Studying Game Software Development, Sheffield Hallam University10 years ago
Had I not already had a full time job to go back to in between academic years, I would have accepted the invitation I received from the university to partake in this scheme. Indeed, I even investigated the opportunity to work part-time in an effort to get on board with the scheme.

A friend and course mate has been taken in at Sumo for the duration of the holidays and it has been a fantastic experience for him. Career wise, the seemingly common factor in graduates losing out on jobs is a lack of industry experience. With that in mind, this opportunity may prove invaluable for the students involved, and at the same time create better qualified individuals, ready to spur the british industry on to become a big name player once again.
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Antony Cain Lecturer, Teesside University10 years ago
Awesome :)
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A semi subsidy to take in apprentices and interns, would be a perfect match I think.

There is something of this accord in Denmark, and I feel that if someone wants industry experience, then the local government, local developers should have a good partnership as the current skillset is not accurate in its depiction - at least for concept artists.
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Mathew O'Halloran Studying Animation, Sheffield Hallam University10 years ago
I can only say good things about both Sumo and Steel Minions, we are currently taking part in this years Dare to be digital competition and I honestly think it is down to the huge amount of feedback we recieved from Judges at both studios, due to our success we were invited to join Steel Minions so aslong as that happens I think my last year at Uni should be a very exciting one.

I really think this is a very rare opportunity that I'm glad to be a part of.
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