33 million users for Zynga's Empires And Allies in 3 weeks

Free Facebook game attracts massive audience

Since its launch on June 1, Zynga's latest Facebook title, Empires And Allies, has scored 32,974,509 monthly active users.

The free-to-play strategy game, which Zynga describes as "CityVille meets Risk" is averaging 6,580,479 users every day, and had reached 10 million users after just nine days.

The game is available in 12 languages, and its Los Angeles development team includes members who have previously worked on Command & Conquer and The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth.

While the game is free-to-play, users can purchase virtual currency to build new army units quickly or power ups to give them an advantage over other players.

Zynga has previously found success on Facebook with Farmville, which currently has around 40 million active users, and CityVille, which leads the pack with 90 million.

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Raf Keustermans CEO, co-founder Plumbee 8 years ago
Yes, impressive numbers, but there seems to be a (big) retention issue, which is very un-Zynga. Zynga throws millions of users (from X-promo and ads) at the game don't seem to stick: looking at MAU is one thing; it basically just tells you how many users installed the game (i.e. trial), but the DAU shows a different story: when E&A had 'only' 10M MAU, it had about 7M DAU.
Today, after getting another 23M installs, as you reported its DAU count is 6.6M. So it lost 400K DAU vs last week, despite adding an enormous amount of new installs. That tells me this game might decline fast from its current position and stabilizes at a (much) lower level.

Don't get me wrong: even if it stabilizes at say 2M DAU and 9M MAU, that's still an amazing hit and a huge game, especially for something a bit less casual.
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Question is ,who is foolish enough to spend good money for in game currency?
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 8 years ago
Teens who ask their parents perhaps.
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Craig Bishop Studying Computer Games Programming, University of Derby8 years ago
Not to mention the ones who don't ask their parents, a.k.a this kid
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Rone Barton Game Designer/ Game Event Promoter/Composer/Game Podcaster 8 years ago
And to think they disabled the account, Craig. Who's going to water his $1,450 begonia patch?
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