New Wii U dev kits within weeks - report

SEGA believes that updated hardware will soon be with developers

Gary Dunn, SEGA's MD of development, has revealed that new dev kits for Nintendo's Wii U will be on their way to developers either this month or next, but is still uncertain as to how powerful those units will be.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Dunn said that his team is pleased with the performance of current kits, but refused to be drawn on comparisons with current-gen hardware, instead highlighting the fact that the platform will offer studios a "different" approach to development.

"It's still a little early," Dunn told Eurogamer. "There's another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July that's going to give us more information." As a "very early doors" assessment, Dunn offered that "we're finding it to be quite powerful."

"We've certainly found it easier to get prototypes up and running on next-gen definition visuals, so we're quite pleased with it," added Dunn.

"Given the fact that one of our graphics engineers ported something across very quickly I would say the answer to [having easily understandable architecture] has got to be yes."

It had already been suggested that the technical specifications of the kits which developers are already in possession of are likely to change, with final systems likely to offer parity with 360 and PS3 at the very least.

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Latest comments (3)

Russ Greeno Freelance Video Game Reviewer 9 years ago
I really wish we could get some hard facts about the specs and performance.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.9 years ago
Russ, a recent report from a white paper came out stating the hardware in the dev kits was underclocked and not even final hardware. I think we're not getting specs yet because things are still being finalized.

Both IBM and AMD have upcoming alterations to current hardware or new hardware coming up which can reduce costs and increase power. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is working toward those and using currently available hardware for the dev kits. It's only a theory but it would explain why Nintendo, IBM , AMD and 3rd parties can't really say much yet.
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Astrit Abazi9 years ago
Considering it's Nintendo we're talking about they won't disclose hardware specs and honestly, they don't need to because Microsoft and/or Sony will topple that with their respective next console. At the end of the day it comes down to the software and how it makes use of the hardware. Basically, Nintendo of today is selling experiences, not strictly hardware. That has both its good and bad sides.
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