Gears of War 3 sales target is over 6 million

Epic Games admits "a little overlap" with Call of Duty and Battlefield

The internal target for Xbox 360 exclusive Gears Of War 3 is over 6 million units, according to Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski. Although the design director himself is hopefully of sales of up to 10 million worldwide.

"Deep down, just to be perfectly candid and honest, I would die if we hit 10 - that would be phenomenal. But I can only pray and hope. It's up to the gamers to vote with their wallets," said Bleszinski in a new interview with IndustryGamers.

Combined sales of the first two games currently stand at 12 million worldwide, but Gears of War 3 is already one of the most anticipated games this autumn - with pre-orders having passed 1 million.

The pre-Christmas sales period is especially busy this year though and Bleszinski admits that, "there's a little overlap" between Gears of War 3 and competing first person shooters Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

"Of course it concerns me. Well, when you have EA throw a $100 million dollar marketing at it we're like, 'Hey Microsoft, pony up some more money,'" said Bleszinski.

"With that said, those two are going head-to-head in November, and we have a good month and a half before then and I'm hoping if we get enough of that installed base of people who are hooked on our system of ribbons and unlockables and achievement points, gamers will be like, 'Damnit, no, I have to buy either Call of Duty or Battlefield, cause I'm keeping Gears.' That's what we're hoping for."

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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart6 years ago
This holidays' top rental... sadly.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
I think six million sales is not unreasonable for a heavyweight game like Gears, plus it will no doubt get a lot of marketing from MS. In my experience the Gears/Halo games can cater for quite different audiences, although I think there is probably more crossover between Gears and COD. I guess at least Epic have quite a few weeks of the shooting market to themselves before the titans launch and duke it out.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
At least I'm one they can count as a sale. I really like the Geas games, have no interest in CoD/BF, and had a good time on the last few days of the beta when given a spare code. It is also a series where campaign and multiplayer are equally important to the developers, rather than one feeling like a supporting act, which is nice.
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Ben Paddon Journalist 6 years ago
That's Cliff's personal hopes there, cowboys. Not Epic Games' sales target.
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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert6 years ago
Epic could make it.. If you add the console bundles and the budget version next year, the 6 million sound possible. But untill Christmas I think they'll hit about 3 million max.
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Private VIdeo Games 6 years ago
They'll well pass 3 million before Cmas!
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