Sony UK management still in state of flux

MD position not yet filled since Maguire's departure in April

Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK is still in a state of flux, as the company continues to seek a replacement for managing director Ray Maguire.

Seventeen-year veteran Maguire, who also held the position of senior vice president of Europe, left the company in April - leaving one of Sony Europe's strongest markets without a figurehead.

Sony told that the search for a replacement was still ongoing but declined to comment on whether it was promoting internally or seeking an external candidate.

"There will be an announcement in due course and I don't think it will be a hugely long, drawn out process," said Andrew House, European president.

It's a key strategic market for us and obviously we need really good leadership

Andrew House, Sony

"The UK is an absolutely key market for us, there's a great team of guys in place that who I think are doing a phenomenal job. It's a key strategic market for us and obviously we need really good leadership.

"Ray left fantastically big shoes to fill but we hope to find that right person," he added.

As well as establishing the PlayStation brand in the UK and Europe, Maguire was widely respected and a passionate advocate of using video games to improve the national curriculum.

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Massive roles like these are always expected to take a while, unless you already know who you would like to appoint.

The amount of people this new MD would need to meet (Internationally) means someone is going to be making the airlines happy :)
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