Duke Nukem takes UK number 1 from L.A. Noire

15 year shooter project hits sales high despite low review scores

Duke Nukem Forever, the FPS which began development fifteen years ago and seemed to have stalled irrevocably several times during development, has debuted at number one in the UK charts despite a Metacritic rating of just 50 per cent on Xbox 360 - its leading platform by sales.

The game sold 56 per cent of its copies for the 360, six per cent of which were the 64.99 special edition version. It pushes L.A. Noire, also from publisher Take-Two down into second place for the first time since its release. Sales of L.A. Noire dropped by 54 per cent from last week.

505 Games' multi-platform workout game, Zumba Fitness, climbs a place to third, putting PS3 exclusive Infamous 2 in fourth place on its debut week. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean drops to fifth place from second, with DiRT 3 slipping to sixth from third.

THQ's Red Faction Armageddon debuts at eighth, with seventy per cent of sales on Microsoft's console.

This WeekLast WeekTitle
1New EntryDuke Nukem Forever
21L.A. Noire
34Zumba Fitness
4New EntryInfamous 2
52LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
63DiRT 3
8New EntryRed Faction Armageddon
97Call of Duty: Black Ops
109Portal 2
118FIFA 11
126Wii Sports Resort
1313Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
1412Art Academy
1510The Sims 3: Generations
1614Hunted: The Demon's Forge
1715Just Dance 2
1811Mario Kart
1917Crysis 2
2018Wii Fit 2

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Latest comments (7)

Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
I rarely ever trade in games, I traded DNF in after 2 days. It really is lacklustre. The multiplayer is just abysmal. The one player has borrowed loads of bits from the last decades best shooters without understanding what made those games great. And it takes forever to load a level/ reload every time you die despite graphics that look like they could have been released on a 360 launch title, and not particularly large levels.
It seems George Broussard was so keen to get everything he saw in, that nothing was given time to be fully realised.
I'm guessing it is going to top "most traded in" charts too. But at least I managed to only lose 2.50, and I traded it in for Crysis 2, which I am surprised just how good that is.
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Ken Addeh6 years ago
it almost makes me think did people buy it because of the excessive wait for the game, and its hype surrounding that, or simply the fact that its a good game?

I'd not want to burn my money up on DNF just to test that theory.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 6 years ago
I was initlaly quite psyched to buy it, tried the demo and I was bored easily. I think it's selling just because it's Duke and that's about it, I've struggled to enjoy the demo.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 6 years ago
I haven't played that much, but what I was saw were a lot of corridors with a big room at the end where you either solve a HL2 style environmental puzzle, or kill a few enemies before moving to the next area. With all the (rather immature and needlessly expository) talking put on top of it, the gameplay is way too slow. Interrupting your own flow to boost your ego with some minigame does not help either.

Compared to the current style of high speed shooting gallery action tunnels (CoD), or even compared to the old Duke 3D game, the new one is oddly paced. It neither has arrived in 2011, nor does it have the guts to indulge itself in the 1996 level design, which was more exploratory.

It is impressive the engine can seamlessly move from shooting to racing to a decent pinball simulation and a slot machine, but you can see where things like that ate up a lot of development time. They still got a good IP there, so a sequel which is a bit more high speed really has potential. Bring the Duke up to Modern Warfare level speeds and you got a winner.

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Jake Clayton6 years ago
I thought the game was kind of shocking just by looking at it being played.

But definitely one of the most fun experiences i've ever had playing a game.

I'm hoping a sequel is planned.
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Pedro Engana Studying Information Systems and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Lisbon6 years ago
I surprised to see inFAMOUS 2 in 4th, below L.A. Noire and Duke Nukem, especially on it's debut week. I was under the impression it was one of the most anticipated games this year. Maybe it's because it's an exclusive.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 6 years ago
I had high hopes for duke nukem. Its a game I wanted to succeed, both through sales and as a good game. I will get it when the price goes down.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Rick Lopez on 14th June 2011 2:40pm

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