Bethesda is latest victim of hacking

Attacks at weekend fail to compromise valuable information

A post on the official Bethesda blog has revealed that the company was the target of a hacking attempt last weekend, although the only data which was stolen was usernames and, potentially, passwords.

The announcement played down the attacks, but warned users to change any password and login combinations which match those used on the forums.

"Over the past weekend, a hacker group attempted an unlawful intrusion of our websites to gain access to data," reads the post.

"We believe we have taken appropriate action to protect our data against these attacks. While no personal financial information or credit card data was obtained, the hackers may have gained access to some user names, email addresses, and/or passwords. As a precaution, we recommend that all our fans immediately change passwords on all our sites - including our community forums and the statistics site we maintain for Brink players.

"If your username/email address/password is similar to what you use on other sites, we recommend changing the password at those sites as well. As we don't know what further plans the hackers may have, we suggest that you keep an eye out for suspicious emails and account activity.

"We regret any inconvenience that these attacks on us cause for you. These attacks will be evaluated to determine if there are any additional protections we might take that would be prudent."

The most recent victims in the spate of games industry related hacking were Nintendo and Epic Games, although neither company believes that any financial information was compromised during those attacks.

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Alan Pierce Programmer, Digital Delight7 years ago
I guess valuable is subjective.
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Wayne Gibson UK Marketing Manager for 7 years ago
This is just giving governments more ammo for introducing tighter controls on the internet. These people are helping no one. I have read that those Anonymous kids have hacked the Spanish police site as 3 of their members have been arrested. These fools need to be thought a lesson perhaps a couple months in a max security prison with the worst scum of society would change the errors of their ways.
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Alan Pierce Programmer, Digital Delight7 years ago
Wouldn't suprise me if all this hacking was part of the government plans.
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