EA prepping new iOS versions of Battlefield, FIFA, Madden

Publisher working on 2012 mobile editions of major franchises

EA is to further focus on bringing its major console franchises on iPhone and iPad, the publisher has revealed.

A new promotional video from EA Interactive unveiled and demonstrated new iOS editions of FIFA, Need For Speed and Madden, as well as the first mobile adaptation of Battlefield.

This Winter's Battlefield 3 has been publicly deemed EA's 2011 answer to Call of Duty. The iOS version, briefly shown running on an iPad, is referred to only as 'Battlefield' and mentioned as 'coming soon.'

EA has been highly active on iOS over the last year, an area its long-term rival Activision has so far broadly steered clear of.

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By Dan Pearson

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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire8 years ago
Good stuff, i just recently gotten hold of an iPad 2 and enjoying it immensely! With this news along with the news of OnLive coming on iPad and Androids too, this is gonna be a great time for mobile/portable devices! :D
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