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Chillingo reaches 140m app store downloads

EA-owned mobile publisher achieves iOS milestone in thee years

Chillingo, the mobile publisher now owned by EA, claims to have seen over 140 million downloads of its iOS titles since the App Store's launch in June 2008.

The Chesire-based UK firm made its name as publisher of the original iOS version of omnipresent puzzle game Angry Birds. The Rovio-made game had seen some 200 million downloads as of May this year, although the per-platform breakdown was not revealed.

Chillingo only has publishing rights to the first iPhone version of Angry Birds, and not its sequels or Android port, with Rovio pledging to never again work with the publisher following EA's acquisition of Chillingo in October 2010.

However, Chillingo also saw significant success from Cut The Rope, which had seen over 3 million iOS downloads as of November 2010.

"Partnering with the industry's most talented developers and having the revolutionary App Store to help distribute their work to the world, has made all of the difference in helping us achieve this staggering milestone," explained Joe Wee, Co-General Manager, Chillingo.

Chillingo's latest game, Feed Me Oil, reached number one in the US and UK App Store charts last week.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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