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PlayStation branded 3D display bundle for $499

HDMI and Resistance 3 included in effort to bring down costs of 3D, says Sony

Sony has revealed a 24 inch 3D display, game and glasses bundle to retail for $499 in North America.

SCEA boss Jack Tretton said the bundle is Sony's effort to bring the price of 3D entertainment down, as it continues to push 3D gaming across its portfolio of titles - which now includes 100 games boasting stereoscopic support.

In addition to standard 3D, the display is apparently able to send a different image to each of two glasses-wearing players, as an alternative to traditional split-screen play that does not require dividing the screen into halves.

The display, a copy of Resistance 3, a HDMI cable and glasses are all included in the bundle, with Sony also selling the glasses separately for $69.99.

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Latest comments (3)

Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 10 years ago
This I can do, this is a pretty nice package, I seriously do not care for 3D however its a nice affordable 1080p HD TV with decent specs. I will get this. I bought my PS3 when Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. Ive been playing on a standard definition analog TV ever since. And this package is a great way to move foward, considering it also packs in Resistance 3. I am sold.
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Marc Gissler10 years ago
The idea of having separate viewports for a pair of players without split-screen occured to me as soon as I bought my Sony 3D TV in autumn last year. Great to see them putting this into practice. My single worry goes to the poor guy sitting on the couch without any glasses...
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Alan Pierce Programmer, Digital Delight10 years ago
He can play on the Vita.
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