Ngmoco reveals Sandbox developer environment

Tool will allow users to produce titles for Mobage platform

Ngmoco has unveiled the Sandbox developer environment to allow users of its ngCore development technology to utilise the Mobage mobile game platform.

Ngmoco is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Mobage owners DeNA, having been purchased for $400 million in October, 2010. That deal was designed to enable the Japanese parent company to make inroads into the Western market.

"The Mobage launch is right around the corner and we're giving developers the tools to be ready," said ngmoco's chief publishing officer Simon Jeffery.

"The combination of the ngCore engine and Mobage platform will empower developers to quickly and easily innovate, delivering compelling social and mobile games to market faster than ever before."

Mobage offers various support tools to developers, including payment API, ad management and virtual currency systems.

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