RockYou acquires Australian developer 3 Blokes

Galactic Trader team to work on combat and strategy Facebook titles

Social games company RockYou has acquired Australian developer 3 Blokes, with the team working on combat and strategy games for Facebook.

3 Blokes was set up in 2006 and has developed four titles for Facebook including Galactic Trader, which claims 200,000 monthly active users. The team is lead by George Fidler, who has previously worked for EA and The Creative Assembly.

"We were drawn to RockYou's commitment to design-driven teams, and to bringing great games to the broadest Facebook market possible," said Fidler. "Being a RockYou Studio enables us to maintain our independence and innovate freely as we work to redefine the concept of a social game."

The move follows RockYou's acquisition of the UK's Playdemic and its signing of another project from John Romero's Loot Drop team.

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Jamie Watson Studying Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology6 years ago
this is interesting... with all of the aussie developers been brought/sold/closed i wonder what is left for game design students (like myself) or other aussie developers?
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Neil Soane Account and Business Development Manager 6 years ago
They deserve to be bought up with a name like "3 blokes", brilliant....only in Australia
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Sam Mendez digital works 6 years ago
Be interesting to know some of the details of the purchase. How much did 3 Blokes sell for? Was it cash, stock, combination?
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Sam Mendez digital works 6 years ago
A note to Jamie, does Southbank work web-based internships for development?
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