Perfect World acquires Cryptic Studios for $50 million

Chinese operator picks up Star Trek Online and City of Heroes developer for Western expansion

Chinese online games operator Perfect World has acquired Cryptic Studios from Atari for €35 million (£30.4m / $50.3m) in cash.

Atari announced the sale of the Star Trek Online and City of Heroes creator earlier this month. Perfect World, which runs self-developed titles including Legend of Martial Arts and Battle of the Immortals in Asia, Russia and Latin America, will use the acquisition to further move into Europe and the US.

"This strategic acquisition will add attractive game titles to our portfolio, which will help us further penetrate into the US and global online game markets," commented Michael Chi, chairman and CEO of Perfect World.

"More importantly, Cryptic Studios' highly reputable development team and its technology platform will further strengthen our well established R&D capabilities. We deem this as another noteworthy achievement of our global expansion efforts."

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The trend for western acquisitions is as speculated. Hopefully it is of a mutual benefit for both parties for long term continual growth and excellence
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Benoit P LQA Coordinator 11 years ago
PW is already present in Europe and US guys...

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