Zynga reported to be close to IPO

Social developer thought to be closer to listing that initially expected

It has been reported that Cityville producer Zynga may be ready for a public stock offering as soon as next week, with anonymous sources expecting the company to capitalise on the recent round of high-profile social listings.

The move has been expected for some time, but website AllthingsD cites "sources close to the situation" as believing that the IPO is imminent.

Those sources also expect the revenue numbers which Zynga will report prior to the offering to be even more impressive than is already predicted.

If the rumours are true, Zynga would be joining the recently listed business network LinkedIn as a public company - with many investors expecting Groupon and, eventually, Facebook, to follow suit.

Since listing its stock this week, LinkedIn's market valuation has more than doubled, to $9 billion.

No concrete pricing has been established for the social pioneer yet, but expectations are that the valuation would be considerably higher than the company's $10 billion estimation from the last round of funding.

Just last week, PopCap CEO David Roberts told press that his company is preparing an IPO currently, reassuring fans and investors that becoming a public company would not affect its output.

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Dave Knudson Sr. Technology Manager, Electronic Arts6 years ago
I'm not a financial analyst, but I'd want to get the IPO in before LNKD has a chance to come back to earth....not sure how long it can hold up at 20 to 25 times revenue.
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