GameFly confirms Direct2Drive acquisition

IGN sells digital distribution service to film and game rental company

Game and film rental service GameFly has confirmed that it has purchased digital distribution outfit Direct2Drive from IGN, although details of the deal remain secret.

As part of the deal, IGN parent company Newscorp will maintain a minority stake in GameFly and have a representative on the company board. Neither Newscorp nor IGN will play a direct part in the future running of GameFly or Direct2Drive.

"We're very excited to bring the D2D team on board at GameFly and expand our ability to deliver games to consumers," said GameFly CEO David Hodess. "Only GameFly can offer a complete library of physical and digital games for the PC, Mac and consoles in one place."

Currently Direct2Drive has a catalogue of over 3000 games for Mac and PC.

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Weston Sohlden6 years ago
This is GREAT news in my opinion. Perhaps GameFly can discover a way of "renting" titles to PC Gamers. Competing with Steam at this point in time seems near suicidal. GameStop is going to try of course, but PC Gamer loyalty with Valve and the Steam distribution system is far to strong. If GameFly plans on continuing digital distribution, I wonder if they thought of some form of "renting"? Potential dent in pirating? Hmmmm....what would I know, I'm just a business student, I have no experience yet.
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