Microsoft offering free 360 to US students

Spend $699 or more on a Windows 7 PC and get a 4GB slim for free

Microsoft has announced a deal in the US which will see any student spending $699 or more on a Windows 7 PC offered a free Xbox 360.

Any Windows 7 PC is valid for the deal, although Microsoft has recommended specific models as being particularly suitable for students. Purchases can be made online with a .edu email address, or in participating stores with a valid student ID.

The console being distributed is the 4GB 'slim' model released last year. The offer begins on 22 May in the US, and is also planned to roll out in France and Canada at an unspecified time.

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Tyler Shippam7 years ago
Looks like Microsoft is getting scared.
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Neil Jarrett Studying BENG Software Engineering, Edinburgh Napier University7 years ago
Hmm... no thanks. My PC is both my work station and gaming rig of choice.
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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ7 years ago
That's a pretty good deal really, especially if you're already looking to buy a new PC, anyway. It's a nice added bonus.

I guess it's a good way for Microsoft to gather more gamers to their platform before the next generation consoles wars even start.

Many students have plenty of time for gaming (before the working week "takes many gamers down"), and once they finish studying, most will be gainfully employed, with many decades of disposable income to be spent on their chosen leisure pursuits!

And a double win for Microsoft, who probably want to ween people off the still-rather-attractive option of staying with Windows XP when they buy a new computer.

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game7 years ago
Last year Apple were offering iPods (free or cheap, can't fully remember) to US students buying Macs, so that may have contributed to this, less about the console and more about fighting Apples increases in market share.
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