Angry Birds downloads hit 200 million

Rovio predicts full year revenues of 50 to 100 million

Total downloads for Rovio's Angry Birds have reached 200 million, including all format versions and spin-offs such as Angry Birds: Seasons and Angry Birds: Rio.

In March 2011 the game's total stood at 100 million, but the number of downloads has continued to rapidly increase since then.

No indication is given as to what proportion are paid-for downloads, but a recent study suggests that in general the percentage on iOS platforms is that 88 per cent are free purchases. Rovio has previously indicated that 40 per cent of its revenues come from licensing and other non-game businesses.

"We have seen more growth and engagement with Angry Birds games and merchandise across all markets," said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed to website IndustryGamers. "The growing numbers of fans give us more incentive to keep creating more fresh, fun and engaging Angry Birds experiences and making them available to everyone."

Speaking to Reuters, Hed hinted both at creating new intellectual properties and the prospect of the company going public - indicating that an initial public offering (IPO) in two to three years was "realistic".

"I see that this is only beneficial for us in terms of making the company more structured and more focused on creating it into a proper large organisation, having grown from a company of 12," he said.

Categorising the company as "very, very profitable", Hed predicted full year revenues of 50 to 100 million ($72 to $143m).

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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart6 years ago
The CoD franchise of social gaming.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
I'm responsible for three of those downloads, on Android. I finished all the levels in the original game, and didn't see myself going back to it so deleted it. Played a little of Seasons last year but didn't have a lot of interest, so uninstalled that too. I actually DLd Rio just last week and am playing it in increments; I like the minor changes it introduced and probably prefer it to the others so far.

I do like the Angry Birds series and I think Rovio really nailed the feel of mobile gaming, but I hope they seek to broaden their horizons and don't put all their eggs in this one basket.
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