In-game video advertising hits Facebook

Trials begin as users earn Facebook Credits from watching sponsored videos

Facebook has begun testing in-game videos on a variety of its social titles, with users able to earn Facebook Credits by watching sponsored videos embedded within games.

Videos now appear in 350 different games and apps, with Facebook characterising the move primarily as a means to promote its virtual currency.

"It's another way to get users to be more comfortable with Credits," said Facebook's Deb Liu in a VentureBeat interview. "It gets developers to adopt Credits and helps users understand what Credits are."

A variety of companies will be providing the technology and the adverts themselves, with advertising firm Sharethrough claiming that a recent in-game social video campaign saw a 108 per cent increase in brand awareness.

The company also claims that brand video sharing rates within Facebook social games is historically 270 per cent higher than on other platforms.

"Sharethrough exists to help brands succeed with content, not ads. This program is a huge validation of that vision, as it will create premium opportunities for brand video content to be seen and shared," said Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough.

Facebook Credits will become a mandatory currency from July 1, a decision that has caused considerable friction amongst some game companies - particularly Zynga.

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I'm not sure how this would work, some of the more popular games don't even accept Facebook credits currently. Making it mandatory might put overpriced game items or some companies to leave. Sounds like a bold move.
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SenZ Customer Care Assisstant FISA BATIBOUW 8 years ago
Hm I think they needs to think about this and really consider some of the consequences..
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Jean-Yves Patay COO, MKO Games8 years ago
I agree! It seems that FB credits will soon be THE currency on Facebook.
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Roger Weber Founder & CEO, Ranked Gaming8 years ago
@Emmanuel: So what? Facebook doesn't need them anyway. People are not on facebook because of Zynga games, people play Zynga games because of facebook. The game companies aren't the foundation for this ecosystem, but facebook is. Their Credits system is a way for them to monetize on the userbase that they've grown. If anything those companies are gaming the system and have to be dealt with.

The only way I could see non facebook credits as a "legitimate" way to pay would be if their currency system uses payment gateways which aren't available for facebook credits.
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