TIGA appoints new board members

Five new directors join UK trade body

UK trade body TIGA has appointed five new directors to its board with the aim of strengthening its presence and effectiveness in key areas.

The new directors are: Chris Kempt, managing director and founder, Kempt; Crytek UK managing director Karl Hilton; COO of Lionhead, Mark Webley; Georgina Mackenzie, founder of serious games outfit Toytek and Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams.

"At TIGA our vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business," said TIGA head Dr Richard Wilson. "Our mission is to fight for the interests of the UK games industry. To achieve these ends we are intent on building an enduring organisation, the best in its field, one that improves year on year, a business that will make a significant impact on the games industry and so benefit the wider UK economy. "Our five new directors will help TIGA to achieve these objectives. They represent different segments of the games industry, have a range of experiences and are highly ambitious to drive TIGA forward. We are delighted that Chris, Karl, Mark, Georgina and Patrick have been elected to the TIGA board."

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Congratulations to TIGA on appointing what I think is the very first woman to the TIGA board. After 10 years it has been a long wait. I hope more women are encouraged to stand for the TIGA board in future elections.
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