Nintendo confirms new home console for 2012 launch

Codename Project Café to get first reveal this June at E3

Nintendo has announced its plan to launch a Wii successor console next year.

In a note published today alongside its 2011 financial statement, the company confirmed the system, currently codenamed Project Cafe, will launch in 2012.

It also confirmed plans to show a playable model of the new system, and announce further details, at the E3 game show in June.

Nintendo's next home console is said to have high definition visuals and graphical power on a similar level to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Its controller is rumoured to feature a 6.2 inch touch-screen that enables the streaming of games played on the console.

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Martin Rohatynski student 8 years ago
Hopefully they have gotten rid of the friend codes. If not, they don't get a single cent out of my wallet.
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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 8 years ago
A single friend code per person is not a problem. It's no different to having a phone number. The problem is an inadequate online system and codes per game etc.
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Junior Enwright Writer - novelist, comic book scripts, game narrative, article writer 8 years ago
I hope it this new system pushes the boundaries of creativity and graphical power, also HD is essential. COME ON NINTENDO....MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University8 years ago
Playable model at E3? Very interesting. I was expecting an onstage demo and some trailers at most. Perhaps the launch is sooner than Q4 2012? Perhaps we're looking at a spring or summer launch, then.

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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 8 years ago
The latest rumours can be found in this excellent NeoGAF thread:

[link url=

Sounds like they want to create a console that provides easy porting for 3rd parties from XBOX, PC, PS3. Support the motion control of the Wii and integrates ideas from the DS and OnLive to give developers and consumers something new to play with.

If they can pull that off and integrate an online service comparable to XBOX Live or at the very least PSN (when it's up), they're going to have another hit on their hands.
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Russell Kentish Studying Master of Digital Media, Centre for Digital Media8 years ago
I hope Skyward Sword isn't postponed so they can port it over to this new console, like they did for the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess which was postponed just so it could be ported over to the Wii. They are really selling us on the Wii Motion plus capabilities so I doubt it, but Nintendo are full of surprises. Looking forward to E3 =)
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Fabien Roussot Developer, Gunjin Games Ltd8 years ago
I hope they are not planning a 10 years console cycle... because in 10 years, graphical capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox360 will be more than obsolete. But i'm pretty sure they are betting on the controller, and like the wii-mote, the cafe-controller will be ported on the next console, which will over its new controller, etc. Like with the wii, they will be a generation behind in terms of power, but they won't loose any money on the console hardware and it will probably allow them to charge less for the fancy pad. (usually accessories being the area where constructor make their money back on the hardware, at least right after the release.)
If the 6.2 screen pad is a reality, it's is awesome news I always wanted a constructor to do that and I can see many interesting use of this technology. Looking forward for more details about it. This year E3 will be quite something.
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John Sutton8 years ago
Nintendo needs to fix their DRM polices as well. I would have gladly upgraded to a shiny new wii system, but oh wait, I would lose all my downloaded games. My guess is this will be fixed though. I'm hoping for an earlier 2012 launch as well.
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Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University8 years ago
John, I'm hoping Virtual Console and eShop become services that can be accessed across both this system and 3DS, and that (particularly with the majority of VC games) you can play games across your systems by tying them to a Club Nintendo account or (much more likely) a friend code. Whether Nintendo takes this approach remains to be seen, but I fully expect them to allow you to transfer your WiiWare and VC downloads across to their next console. The rumoured "Stream" name, the streaming to touch screen controllers and 3DS connectivity suggests Nintendo are moving to their own vision of a more wireless (networked?), online orientated future--StreetPass could be just the beginning. Of course they aren't going to do this in an Xbox Live style way, like anything Nintendo do, it'll be done to the beat of their own drum, positives and negatives included.

They've done physical backwards compatibility well with Wii, and if rumours are to be believed, Wii software and peripherals will be backwards compatible with this new system--speculation aside, let's hope backwards compatibility extends to our digital software, too.
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Mike Burrows Principal Graphics Software Architect, Intel8 years ago
Personal opinion only, based on speculation and hope, not knowledge ;-)

Given that this must be on par graphically and performance-wise with 360/PS3, I'm finding it interesting what could be done *beyond* them to either make this a must-have upgrade for existing owners or entice 360/PS3 consumers to add this.

Must have
* Games backwards compatibility with upscale to 1080p
* DVD playback with upscale to 1080
* Camera
* Better online presence and mechanism for sweat-equity bragging rights (a la Gamerscore)
* Multimedia content apps as per comp, eg. Netflix, Pandora, etc (sorry Americanised nowadays ;-))

Would love to see
* Z-depth and stereoscopic camera (think Kinect on steroids) built-in, being closer to the hardware would enable better video analytics and reduced latency.
* Bluetooth wireless connectivity to enable streaming audio from phones as well as PAN support for User-Generated Content.
* Real controller with buttons and touch screen (crazy thinking here, but maybe touch screen one side and physical buttons on the other?)
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 8 years ago
So the controller is essentially an iPod? Definitely +10 for trying to dragon-punch Apple in the nuts fully frontally, but that can't be cheap.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
Yeesh (Snark Mode Activate):

Just make a damned GAMES console. All this "convergence" is useless to me at the end of the day. I have a movie player (well, five or six), I don't need a social network, net browser and bragging rights of others pissing in my console when I'm simply trying to play a game. Of course, my dream of simplicity and a fair price is not going to happen, so I guess we'll be seeing and hearing another "This will be the BEST home entertainment experience EVER (this time for sure, Presto!!!)" speech at E3 from Reggie and Co... Shit, why not put a Picturephone in the thing and call it a day? Oh wait, that's probably coming down the road...

All I'll say is it BETTER launch with key first and third party titles, period. There's got to be almost no learning curve baby steps deal here for developers to "get used to" the hardware if it's going to have HD visuals comparable to the 360 and PC. I guess that new controller might be the real issue, but it's a small one. Oh, and the so called "Stream" download should be name-changed ASAP, as Steam and Stream are kind of too close...

All that lowbrow comedy above and er... that controller is going to BREAK the wallets of some families if it's more than $50 or so for an extra or replacement... It also better be spill proof, ham-fisted gamer kid proof and pet proof, but Nintendo generally builds stuff that's sturdy enough to take a beating (for the most part).

Meh, we'll see what's what in a few months. I'll be HIGHLY impressed but cranky about it as usual...
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game8 years ago
@Greg. Buying a second wii controller with numchuck and motion plus is already over £65. They've got away with it this time round.
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The initial reports still are not convincing enough to acquire another Wii
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Paul Cardy Programmer, Rebellion8 years ago
Excellent, a reason to get excited about E3 :)
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
@Andrew - Oh, I know that (I was hoping that joke would be gottern). New controllers are already a big expense, so I'm not even wanting to know what a portable LCD touch screen game download device that happens to also serve as a possible motion controller will run some poor family that's just going to play Mario Party XII for the most part...

Still, I really WANT to see nothing but "A" titles at launch. NO crap shovelware mini-game tech demos selling at full price and disguised in an HD skin to fool the masses. We'll see, though...
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Jan Almqvist Senior Level Artist, Ubisoft Quebec City8 years ago
I think they are trying to steal some thunder from sony/msoft by releasing a machine that can play current gen multiplatform games at 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps without breaking a sweat whereas the ps3/xbox versions would stagger around 30fps and often at sub HD resolutions. First party games and exclusives could/should look fantastic. Nintendo could even be competative on price since sony/msoft needs a certain price to recoup the losses when their consoles were sold at a loss.
I'm also quite interested in the controller. I've got no kids myself but I know plenty who do where there are quite a lot of discussions concerning who gets to use the TV when there's so many things tethered to it (and so little time.)
A console with standalone TV-controllers could be a really interesting proposal, especially if the console is powerful enough to allow multitasking of simpler games so that two or three games (running a core each?) can be sent through to the controllers. Also, kids (young and old) playing eachother on the couch on private screens while parents (young and old) can watch the news, movies whatever. It doesn't sound cheap though and thus not family friendly thus not nintendo-ish but...

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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert8 years ago
Nintendo showed a demo of a new Kirby game years ago. It was for the gamecube and could be played with the gameboy advanced linked to it. Kirby was seen on the big screen falling in a pit wich let him switch to the gba screen. It was a great feature and had much potential at that time. After throwing away this idea (even if Zelda 4 swords and FF Crystal Chronicles picked it up) they try to catch attention with this "new" idea?

It´s quite familiar seeing the DS nearly never linked with the wii console even if the hardware alows it. If these new controller can be used as portable devices like a handheld, the idea could/should work out fine.
If not: It´s just another great announcement that will never find it´s way to the retail version.
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