Games are number one use for tablets - survey

84% use tablets for gaming, only half of owners use them for music and videos

Playing video games is the number one use for tablets such as the iPad, with 84 per cent of owners using it for the purpose - compared to 78 per cent for "searching for information" and 74 per cent for emailing.

The data comes from a new Google survey, which puts "reading the news" as the fourth most common activity at 61 per cent, followed by accessing a social network (56%), music and videos (51%), e-books (46%), shopping (42%), and other (19%).

The survey was conducted by Google's AdMob subsidiary and polled results from 1400 tablets owners in the US.

Other data included in the full report shows that 43 per cent of respondents spend more time on their tablet than with their desktop or laptop PC. A third also spend more time than watching television.

A total of 68 per cent of respondents spend at least an hour a day using their tablet, with 82 per cent primarily using it at home - mostly at weekends and in the evening.

Over three quarters admitted that their use of desktop or laptop PCs had decreased since obtaining a laptop, with 28 per cent describing the tablet as their primary computer.

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Chris Watkins QA Lead, Tencent Boston7 years ago
I hope more game developers are conscious of this and start doing the little things required to support a tablet. My experience is with an ExoPC which runs Windows 7.
-I run into a lot of games that do not require the keyboard for the entire game EXCEPT right at the beginning when it asks you to create a profile name.
-Then there's ones with tiny buttons despite having plenty of room to make them bigger for the stubby stab of a human finger.
-Last, as tablets get more commonplace, it's worth looking at all your options when you release a game. There's great games that could be ported to-from iPad to support more tablet platforms.

Basically I just want more, better games for my tablet :)
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Dave Knudson Sr. Technology Manager, Electronic Arts7 years ago
Unfortunately there isn't a lot of depth in the survey. It would have been nice if they asked what the user's primary and maybe secondary uses were to give a bit of color to the data.
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