Ex-Factor 5 staff form social games studio

Julian Eggebrecht and other veterans set up TouchFactor in Marin County

Factor 5 boss Julian Eggebrecht, and a number of his other ex-staff, have formed a new social gaming studio in Marin County, California called TouchFactor.

The studio was actually established in 2010, but has yet to announce any products or update its website. However, the company's LinkedIn profile lists 11-50 employees.

The company describes its mission as creating "interactive software and technologies across a variety of media that is innovative, recognizable, memorable, and instantly usable".

Factor 5 was originally founded in Germany in 1988 and originally grew to prominence with 16-bit series Turrican. Once relocated to the US the company established close connections with both LucasArts and Nintendo.

As a result the company created the successful Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series on the Nintendo 64, with the sequel becoming the best-selling GameCube launch title in the US. Noted for its leading edge graphics and sound technology the company also created the widely used MusyX: Dolby Sound Tools for various Nintendo formats.

Factor 5 appeared to distance itself from both LucasArts and Nintendo at the beginning of the current console generation and following the release of the poorly received PlayStation 3 exclusive Lair, and collapse of publisher Brash Entertainment, the company closed its US offices in 2009.

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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 6 years ago
It is really interesting that certain studios Nintendo nurtured just went on a downhill journey after they cut their ties with Nintendo - Rare, Factor 5, Silicon Knights all failed to live up to expectations and glory days of their Nintendo games such as Golden Eye, Rogue Squadron and Eternal Darkness.
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