Sony UK boss Ray Maguire leaves after 17 years

House pays tribute for establishing PlayStation as "household name and a major entertainment brand"

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire has left the company after 17 years.

Maguire, who also held the position of senior vice president of Europe, is credited with helping to establish the PlayStation brand across the region.

"Having been here right from the start and after a lot of soul searching, I feel that now is the right time for me to move on," said Maguire.

"I am confident that I can leave the business in the hands of the brilliant teams here in the UK and across Europe that I've had the honour of working with. I've made so many great friends during my time here and although the thought of leaving was quite tough, it is essential for me to continue to grow."

Added European president Andrew House: "In a career at SCE spanning over 17 years, Ray has helped establish PlayStation as a household name and a major entertainment brand,"

"Ray is consumer focused and over the years has built and maintained a reputation as one of the industry's most respected senior figures. We wish him luck in his future endeavours."

No replacement has been named by Sony.

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JJ Studying Digital Media & Multimedia Technology, London Metropolitan University6 years ago
After all the job cuts at Sony, a wise decision for him to leave now. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the industry in Europe after other studios have made staff cuts!

May I also add my well wishing to him, someone who has help build such a fantastic brand helping develop the industry as whole in Europe.

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Phil Elliott Project Lead, Collective; Head of Community (London), Square Enix6 years ago
Looking forward to seeing what he's lined up next; good luck Ray!
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David Reeves COO of EMEA region, Capcom6 years ago
Ray was one of THE driving forces behind PlayStation's sucess not only in the UK but in Ireland, Scandinavia and the Benelux. He had a huge influence on the early 'Brand Campaigns' , he always kept his feet on the ground and he was masterful in developing people in his team. SCEE will miss Ray. Good luck to you Ray.
David Reeves
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I hope this doesnt effect SCEE and 3rd party publishers relationship.
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Charlie Andre-Barrett European Digital Sales Manager, Bethesda Softworks6 years ago
Good Luck Ray my fellow Kili Friend - I am sure whatever you do next will ground breaking ! Very Best regards
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