Pi Studios set for closure - report

Indie developer apparently shuts its doors, while ex-staffers form Category 6 Studios

Reports from the US indicate that indie development house Pi Studios has closed its doors, although no official verification has yet been given.

At the same time, former staff members have set up a new company - Category 6 Games - and announced its first project, a new IP for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 called Blackout.

According to a report on Big Download, Pi Studios' phone line has been disconnected, and the only announced title it had been working on - Bonk: Brink of Extinction - was cancelled by Hudson Soft following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last month.

Established in 2002 and based in Houston, Texas - where Category 6 Studios is also based - the company had worked on various editions of Call of Duty, Rock Band and Wolfenstein games, among others, in its past.

It's not clear how many staff worked at Pi Studios, but it seems that Category 6 Studios has set up with 15 people initially.

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Soma Content Creator 8 years ago
Schade ist, daß dabei so helle Köpfe sind, daß selbst bei einer kleinen "Truppe" fantastische Ergebnisse herauskommen, die die "Großen" auch gerne hätten, aber wie dann doch am Ende des Tages sieht: Ohne "Polster" kein "Fett", ohne "Fett" keine "Kohlenhydrate" für den "langen Marsch" durch die "öden" Tage in der programmierten Wüste, Endzeitwelt, Ferieninsel oder eben auch New York.
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