Keiji Inafune starts two new companies

Ex-Capcom man and Mega Man creator founds new developer and crossmedia company

Keiji Inafune, former head of development at Capcom, has announced the creation of two new companies, one a new game developer called Intercept and the other a crossmedia company named Comcept.

According to translations by website Andriasang the Intercept website indicates three key focuses: originality - in terms of ideas that cannot be copied; gravity - the ability to pull people in; and "beyond the age" - concepts that cross eras.

Intercept is based in Tokyo's Shinagawa area, while larger company Comcept has a central office in Tokyo and also a branch in Osaka.

Comcept will have a wider remit than just games, including books, music, merchandise, and event planning. The company will produce traditional games as well as online and mobile titles.

Further details of both companies, and potentially their first products, will be announced at a press conference scheduled for Monday, April 4.

Inafune left Capcom in October of last year, complaining of "no where higher left to go" at the company. Famous as the creator of the Mega Man franchise, Inafune has also worked on franchises such as Resident Evil, Onimusha, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet.

In recent years he has become an outspoken critic of the Japanese games industry, in one outburst claiming that the country's developers have fallen "at least five years behind" the West.

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the man has big dreams and shoes to fill in. This is good positive news for japanese gaming and development overall
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
Two? Very ambitious, hope they do well!
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 7 years ago
You know what i like about Keiji? he doesnt settle for satisfaction. He's always seeking to innovate, grow and expand the gaming industry. He could have settled in CAPCOM as a big shot exec and recieve a pay check till he retired and by that time make Mega Man 42 ... BUT NO... I tossed his comfort zone aside for the sake of inovation. he has balls and although he may not have done it in the most appropriate way he is to me what a true game creator is all about.

I know were Keiji is coming from. And the only way to innovate is outside a comfort zone Capcom offers. Its taking risks, and trying new things. Big companies cant afford to do this, because they are sitting on top of previose success and busness formulas that work for them. And why fix something that isnt broken right? And really the only way to evolve sometimes is to do away with previose methods to do things in favor of ones that have never been done before.

Most new games for new consoles are simply the same game but with better graphics and gameplay tweaks. It would be nice to take soul calibure into a new generation of characters and stories, but no,we get the same characters, with gameplay tweaks and better graphics. Until I saw Mass Effect and Dragon Age, I felt RPG's were nothing more then playing through a very long movie. Bioware upped the RPG standards, with branching story lines, huge gameplay descisions that change the story or choose to have party members and key characters killed or be kept alive, and what you do in the game carries over to the sequel. your choices become important, its not just triggering an event so the story moves foward, but also that your choices affect how the story unravels.

I think bioware did alot for RPG's and now I hear Square Enix is trying to do the same for Final Fantasy 13-2., in the sense that you can carry over your save from the first game, etc. However I dont think square enix will be able to fully implement many things Bioware RPG's have until Final fantasy 15, were they can start fresh with new characters and story.

Fighting Games have grown stale and boring. Even a game like Marvel Capcom 3 doesnt offer anything all that great. Its great for fans, but as a game, to me its more of the same, just better graphics. Id like to see better physics engines and more enviroment interactivity. For example,The weather and backrounds can have an effect on gameplay.

But anyway, im just rambling. Keiji is one of my favorite game creators and I wish him well. However, I dont mind if Megaman reached 53 sequals and still had 8bit graphics.
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John Hayes Lead Character Artist, SEGA of America7 years ago
Before getting on your soap boxes, remember that it is April 1.

"Intercept and Comcept"
"ideas that cannot be copied"
"beyond the age"
"event planning"

They left out Baking and Tree Planting...
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 7 years ago
Regardless if it costs him or he is succesful, he is probably one of the people who is actually doing something for the japanese gaming industry.

Besides I have so many fond memories of the games he has created. Its hard for him to say something and not agree with it. he left a comforatible position at CAPCOM its people like him that have any possibility of moving the industry foward.
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April 1 in japan is traditionally a day of announcements, fiscal mergers and new tax year. Only the west observes april fools...
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Private Industry 7 years ago
Let`s see what he comes up with, I`m not to fond of Capcom for the last few years to much westernizing existing franchises and for me ruining them like RE so let`s get a can of beer the popcorn and watch how it unfolds.

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Recommend any good german beer? or is it left to Asian Tiger or Japanese Asahi?
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Private Industry 7 years ago
Paulaner is ok otherwise if you want to get into the Japanese mood I might recommend Yebisu.

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