Second 3DS teardown echoes initial valuation

IHS iSuppli values dual screens and 3D system at $33.80

A second physical teardown evaluation has confirmed earlier reports of the cost of a 3DS' components at $100.71 (62.83) including manufacturing.

Last week, a similar teardown by UVM Tech Insights estimated the total cost at 61.76 with an estimated cost to retailers of 170.

The latest piece by piece deconstruction, by IHS iSuppli reveals individual component cost evaluations as well as an overall cost, unsurprisingly singling out the dual-screen display as the costliest.

The addition of 3D to the dual screen unit is estimated to have only cost an extra $11.85, although that still represents the single largest gain in component cost over the DSi. Full details of the breakdown are below.

Component3DS CostDSi Cost
Displays and touch screen$33.80$21.95
Apps Processing$10.02$8.71
User Interface$6.81$3.98
Power Management$3.63$2.05
Box Contents$3.48$3.70
Overall component cost$100.71 (62.83)$75.58 (47.37)
Overall Total $103.25 $78.12

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David Vink Freelance 8 years ago
There's a few typos in there..
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Hoang-Minh Luu Production Manager, Playlogic Entertainment N.V.8 years ago
I think the battery cost for the 3DS is meant to be $3.50 and not 43.50.
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Dan Pearson Business Development, Purewal Consulting8 years ago
Well spotted...
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Robert Kelly8 years ago
They could of splashed out on battery a bit more as from initial reports it appears to be lacking. Would they purposely do this so there's a market for third parties?
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Ryan Medeiros Engine Programmer, Gearbox Software8 years ago
Is "Apps Processing" supposed to be the combined cost of the CPU/GPU? Getting a whole extra chip for a mere $2 seems a little improbable.
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Extra camera was free? And zero cost for the charging dock? Surely that would cost a dollar or two...

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