GameStop says Kinect and Move both selling well

US retail giant aware of "tremendous demand" for PS3 motion peripheral

US-based specialist retailer GameStop has said that Kinect continues to perform well, but demand for PlayStation Move has also seen the business struggle to keep the PS3 motion control peripheral in stock.

Speaking in an investor call yesterday, GameStop president Tony Bartel said that both motion controllers have been strong retail drivers for his business, reports Industry Gamers.

"So we have strong demand, good stock, and we continue to see strong sell of the unit," said Bartel of Kinect.

"Attach rate is where we anticipated it would be. We also just got back from a meeting with all the publishers... and most are developing games for the Kinect platform. We're happy to see that there's strong support for the Kinect platform.

"We have struggled to stay in stock on the Sony Move controllers; there's a tremendous amount of demand for that. Provided we can get more into stock, we should see some strong growth there as well."

Sony has not been forthcoming about precise sales of the product, though recently released figures indicate that Xbox 360 consoles bundled with competing motion technology, Kinect, outsold Move by as much as five-to-one in the US over February.

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Private Industry 8 years ago
"tremendous amount of demand"

1st of April is next week, the 5:1 data says otherwise :)
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Gregory Hommel writer 8 years ago
I agree that the 5:1 data is very hard to argue with, but something hasn't sat right with me from the beginning. I find it hard to believe that 360 gamers, who fancy themselves the hardest of the hardcore gamers, have been itching to drop $150 to dance. Maybe the lack of titles on 360 the past several months has left money burning holes in their pockets. In the interest of full disclosure, other than my two children, my Move has rarely been touched. Now that Killzone 3 and the SOCOM beta are available I have seen the advantage of the Move's 1:1 motion sensing. I find there is a distinct advantage in the single player campaigns with assists but I prefer the Dualshock for online play. The move is still very accurate online and could give someone an advantage, it's just too alien for me.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Gregory Hommel on 29th March 2011 2:43am

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Zachary Tveter Linguistics Teste 8 years ago
Not every Xbox 360 owner is a hard core gamer. Any American stay at home mom with is more likely to pick up a motion control console because she saw a commercial with a kid and a tiger, rather than the commercial with the red-eyed space-nazis. And to put it bluntly, the 360 is a Western console and the ps3 is the Asian console. I'm pretty sure that Japanese sales favor the Move at around 5:1 as well.
I myself am a hard-core 360 and ps3 owner, so I shall be getting neither. But that's because I'm biased. I'm afraid that when either company finally comes with some awesome, innovative gameplay that actually looks like FUN, I'm still gonna feel like I'm being forced to workout, when I really just want to game.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 8 years ago
"...I'm still gonna feel like I'm being forced to workout, when I really just want to game. "

While that may be true of Kinect, it's certainly not entirely so of Move. I play many of my Move games, from M.A.G. to Flight Control HD, sitting down, learning back, with my arm resting against my thigh and just using my wrist.
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