Report: Half of consoles played in living room

Wii is living room favourite, with Xbox 360 king of the bedroom finds study

Exactly half of all current generation consoles are kept in the living room, with the Wii the most popular device and the Xbox 360 more likely to be in a child's bedroom - according to new research.

The new Nielsen report is entitled US Gaming: A 360 View and found that that the format most likely to be kept and played in the living room is the Wii at 59 per cent. The PlayStation 3 stood at a 45 per cent likelihood and the Xbox 360 at 42 per cent.

The Wii's dominance in the living room comes despite it having far less multimedia features than its two rivals, just a web browser, photo viewer, and - in the US - Netflix support.

The report was based on data gathered in January 2011, after the launch of Kinect and PlayStation Move, so it is likely that percentages for the PlayStation 3 and particularly the Xbox 360 have risen significantly since.

The second most likely household location for a home console is a child's bedroom, at 19 per cent. Here the Xbox 360 was the most popular at 28 per cent, followed by the PlayStation 3 at 16 per cent and the Wii at 14 per cent.

The only other statistically significant location was the master bedroom, where 10 per cent of consoles are located. The basement houses 7 per cent of consoles, while den/offices and spare/guest bedrooms stand at 4 per cent.

Kitchen/dining rooms and decks/porches/patios host only 1 per cent of consoles each.

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SenZ Customer Care Assisstant FISA BATIBOUW 6 years ago
No you can't Barrie ;-) I'm going to order a Playstation 3 very soon and it's going to be located in my bedroom too.

Funny how Xbox 360's are being kept in a child's bedroom.. Seems like a good choice for when you don't want to go to sleep :-D
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Sam Brown Programmer, Cool Games Ltd.6 years ago
I keep a Dreamcast in the downstairs loo, for those those two-minute Crazy Taxi sessions.
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Diarmuid Murphy Developer Marketing, Microsoft6 years ago
Crazy Taxi is on XBLA now Sam, not sure about PS3. Played the demo about a month fun game but it has understandably aged.

The fact I would like to see is what percentage of each console is connected online?
They mention Wii browser and photo viewer but what percentage of wii owners regularly use it.
The audience is a lot more tech savy that the standard wii owner so I don't think we are a good sample base.
For PS3 and Xbox I would guess the connected figure is higher as online gaming and services integral to the machine.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.6 years ago
Diarmuid, there have been several reports on your question already and each time it shows the Wii far higher than the media, fanboys and analysts presume.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 6 years ago
I'm sure when Ubisoft's "We Dare" launches, the little white console could be moved back to the bedrooms :)
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Laura Greenfield Studying Biomedical Science, Middlesex University6 years ago
I can see why this is, obv with the wii, then sony's and microsoft's version of the wii. But the moment I got my wii I took it straight to my room (Which is only 8ft squared) and played it on my bed. It is very rare I take it to the living room unless I have friend's around or am playing rock band. My 360 never leaves my room. It doesn't need to. I like having the controller next to my tv remote, so when I wake up I can turn them both on and carry on with life
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