APB Reloaded owner gets 125,000 for Scottish studio

Edinburgh base for new 22-man outfit

The new owner of the APB game has been handed £125,000 to open a new 22-man studio in Scotland.

Original owner Realtime Worlds closed last year after a disastrous launch period following a long development timeframe and huge costs.

After picking up the rights to the game, K2 Network, which owns Reloaded Productions, told that it would consider a Scottish office to act as a European base.

The funding comes from Scottish Development International, with Edinburgh the base for the new studio.

"I am delighted that Reloaded Productions will establish a studio in Edinburgh rather than creating jobs only in its existing locations in Irvine, California and Bangalore, India," said Fiona Hyslop, Scottish Culture minister

"It is testament to the talent, infrastructure and cutting-edge skills Scotland has to offer in this fast-growing and competitive market and our continued promotion of this key sector internationally."

Bjorn Book-Larson, CEO of Reloaded Productions added: "After visiting Scotland, meeting some extraordinary game development professionals and also seeing the Scottish Government's enthusiastic support for creative and technical ventures, we decided to invest in a Scottish team focused on the core game engineering and key creative design tasks.

"Our hope is to expand the Scottish presence and increase the size of the team over time as we add more creative game projects as part of our global MMO development efforts."

Initially a subscription MMO game, APB Reloaded will now adopt a free-to-play model.

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Latest comments (3)

Ross McCafferty Studying Computer Animation, University of the West of Scotland11 years ago
Any sign of these jobs appearing somewhere soon? I can't even find a website for this so called developer called Reloaded Productions.
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Gordon Rennie writer 11 years ago
@Ross. If any of these 'so-called developers' are reading your comment, I shouldn't think you'd have to worry too much about ever working there...
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Steven Yau Senior Game Developer, King.com11 years ago
Reloaded Productions are the people working on APB Reloaded by the looks of things.
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