Syfy channel entering social gaming space

Broadcaster planning both original and Syfy programming IP

Broadcaster Syfy, owned by network NBC, is planning to launch a number of social games based both on IP from its programming and original content.

The games will initially launch on Facebook, but the channel plans to spread to other networks as the opportunity arises, reports Cable & Broadcasting. All games will be open to sponsorship from external sources, although details of the monetisation models planned have not been revealed.

"This bold business expansion into games publishing secures a key foundation for the powerful Syfy brand in the burgeoning social games space," said Syfy president Dave Howe. "By providing our fans on social networks and other platforms with a distinctive, premium gaming experience, we are creating a perfect complement to our existing Syfy Games portfolio."

Previously, the channel has worked with Rift developer Trion Worlds on an MMO, due for concurrent launch with a Syfy TV series, as well as Bigpoint on the free-to-play Battlestar Galactica Online. In 2010, Syfy announced a deal with THQ over collaboration on, and the marketing of, future IP.

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Private Industry 6 years ago
How bold of them to make facebook games, they go where no company has gone before them.

And can we get them to change the name back to a real name and Sci-Fi? And while I`m add it better to spend all the money on not canceling SG Universe instead of making facebook games. Rant over :)
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I think the SyFy rebranding was by a dyslexic marketeer...

they should bring back firefly
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Private Industry 6 years ago
Firefly (to bad they never made a full length song of the intro music) was the other broadcasting channel that really likes to cancel good shows, like Space Above and Beyond, Futurama, Ben Stiller Show and Terminator among many many others, called FOX. They also make those funny spoof news reports about how Mass Effect encourages 7 year old children to want to have sex with the members of the blue men group, smurfs or E.T.

To the topic at hand, I have seen someone play the BSG game and I always have seen was him shooting asteroids not once when he was playing was a fight against other ships.

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