Homefront takes number one slot in UK charts

Total War: Shogun 2 in at number four, but no sign of Okamiden

THQ's first person shooter Homefront has defied a mixed critical response by debuting at number one in the UK sales chart.

The Xbox 360 version was by far the most popular of the three SKUs, accounting for 70 per cent of sales - compared to 26 per cent on the PlayStation 3 and 4 per cent on the PC. Homefront on Xbox 360 has already sold 82 per cent of the lifetime total of developer Kaos' last title, 2008's Frontlines: Fuel of War.

Officially Dragon Age II is the second-biggest seller of the week, with a fall in sales of 68 per cent. But if sales of Pokémon White and Black were combined they would have been enough to push Nintendo's portable release into second place.

PC exclusive Total War: Shogun 2 debuted at number four, although unlike the other new releases it was launched on the Tuesday rather than Friday. Nevertheless the game made almost 80 per cent of its retail boxed sales in the first 24 hours.

Outside the top 10, Take-Two's well-reviewed tennis title - Top Spin 4 - entered the charts at number 13. Here sales across the two HD console formats was much more even, at 51 per cent for the Xbox 360 and 45 per cent for the PlayStation 3 (plus 4 per cent for the Wii).

In what was a busy week for new releases there was no sign of Capcom's Okamiden in the all formats top 40. Even in the Nintendo DS top 40 the game only managed to debut at number 10.

Sega's Yakuza 4 did enter the all formats charts at number 25 though, and like Top Spin 4, just one place below that achieved but its previous iteration.

This WeekLast WeekTitle
1New EntryHomefront
21Dragon Age II
32Pokemon White Version
4New EntryTotal War: Shogun 2
54Pokemon Black Version
65Fight Night Champion
78Just Dance 2
84FIFA 11
97Killzone 3
1013Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
129Call of Duty: Black Ops
13New EntryTop Spin 4
15Re-entryLittleBigPlanet 2
1617Test Drive Unlimited 2
17Re-entryKirby's Epic Yarn
1812Wii Party
1915Just Dance
20Re-entryFallout: New Vegas

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Latest comments (14)

Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 6 years ago
More proof that reviews don't actually mean anything to the bulk of the buying public, and therefore that the publishing world's over-reliance on Metacritic to allocate claims of success/failure is a massive mistake? Yeah, probably. :D
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D6 years ago
As I watched the first few minutes of Homefront on Youtube, I thought the idea would make a fantastic RPG.

Doubt I'll buy it, I'm a bit sick of FPS titles, but hope it does well for them.

Oh, and yeah - what Martin said.
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Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 6 years ago
You could possibly go one further and suggest that something like this proves that the specialist press - public facing, not industry facing - is totally obsolete and publishers could save a ton of cash by not supporting it at all, just focusing on marketing spend through TV, radio and mainstream media. Because, let's face it, all they're doing is effectively using their money to keep the life-support machine of old man Specialist alive... an old man that just spends much of his time banging his stick on the publisher's ceiling and telling them to keep the noise down.

Of course, that'd mean lots of people I know and like would be out of a job, so I won't suggest that. ;D
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Tom Wilhelm Ødegård Dpt. head Gaming, Spaceworld AS6 years ago
I've never been a fan of this whole "Metacritic desides if a game is good or not" philosophy. Some gamers are very keen to read reviews before purchasing, and of course, favorable reviews does in some cases help games to sell. On the other side, sometimes games that scores high with reviewers don't fare well in retail.

Compared to "the average gamer", game reviewers have an excessive amount of games at their disposal, and have to get tired of the "same shit" and praise new stuff. The casual gamer on the other hand, loves his FIFA, CoD and such licenses and will buy them regardless.

In Norway, the epic Heavy Rain didn't even make it into top 10 of sales in 2010. Neither did God of War 3. Both these games was great, and scored fantastic ratings. I think metcritic is a good viewpoint but to use them as a fact checker to find "good" games, is hopeless.
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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments6 years ago
Surely the biggest hint that metacritic is not a good indicator of sales is the first just dance, still charting. Metacritic? 49.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University6 years ago
poor Okamiden and Yakuza 4, good games lost in all of this.....

They need to ad them more!!
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Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 6 years ago
@Neil - Exactly. Publishers should probably do internal reviews of their products based on the opinions of reliable consultant types* to get an idea of what something's like, but the need for specialist press coverage is getting smaller and smaller by the day. The opinions of a group of people who, in the majority, are made up of dedicated long-term gamers (a group that make up an increasingly shrinking share of the market) really don't account for much when you take the big picture into account. Especially if you look at the ever-decreasing sales figures of such publications and the number of mags that don't even ABC any more, for fear of proving that the market is dead in the water. Although admittedly, online is just as bad for having hardened gamers offering up their opinion...

* Oh, BTW publishers - I do consultancy. And I'm cheap. :D

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Martin Mathers on 21st March 2011 1:40pm

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
As an individual, I do like Metacritic, since using it I haven't spent £40 on a stinker except on the odd occasion when I've bought on day 1 before reviews come out (when relying on 1 or 2 mags, sometimes they'd get it wrong). However, most people I know don't even know it exists still, I don't think it is very prevailent within the general public, there are a lot more people deciding if big commercial titles look good from ads than any sort of review.
However I think games with good metascores probably get picked up second hand or budget, meaning they have the chance to sell a lot of a sequel (Dead Space comes to mind).
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
I've only looked at Metacritic a few times, and that was out of curiosity to see what the site's like. I used to visit Gamerankings a fair bit, but hardly at all these days. Overall, if a game scores poorly with some or all of Gamecentral (Metro), Edge, gamesTM or Eurogamer then I probably won't have any interest in it. Likewise, if it scores well with them, I know it's deserved. I don't really put much stock in most other big sites' reviews, so by and large Metacritic or the like are of little use to me.
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James Knight QA Manager/Game Design 6 years ago
I use it all the time from steam. Just to get a sense of user reviews as well as the 'pro' reviews'. At least then I know the pitfalls of each game and can take a plunge based on that.
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Neil Aldis Assistant Manager, Mobile Project Development, Capcom6 years ago
Might this not have something to say about hardcore gamers wanting to see more than just COD and Battlefield owning the FPS market?

I know many gamers who, although they play COD constantly, still complain that they'd like to see other titles out there competing. Perhaps they are doing the decent thing and supporting new IP? Perhaps you aren't giving gamers credit for being the savy media users they actually are?

Hell, like I know anything...
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Samuel Chay Mottershaw Studying Scriptwriting, Staffordshire University6 years ago
Glad to see it. Homefront seems like the kind of game that could use of second chance to refocus on the single player segement.
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Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis6 years ago
Surprised the PC sales were so low compared to the consoles. Thought the game would have been perfect for the platform.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments6 years ago
@Barrie - this is excluding download sales, though, isn't it? suspect PC would be a bigger chunk with them included
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