HMV details "strongest" 3DS deals

New console available for £110 when older DS models are traded-in

Retail chain HMV has outlined its trade-in plans for the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld, ahead of its launch later this week.

The company is offering an extra £20 discount to customers handing over a DS Lite, DSi XL or DSi in exchange if pre-ordering by March 24, bringing the ticket price down to £109.99 - while those doing so are also entitled to a £20 HMV gift card.

Meanwhile, customers exchanging those older consoles for a 3DS between March 25 and April 7 will still see an additional £10 discount on top of the trade-in price.

The retailer has also taken the unusual step of guaranteeing a trade-in price for the 3DS itself, to the tune of £200, if handed in by April 7.

"We want to help make this one of the biggest and most memorable games launches ever, so HMV's going full-out to offer 3DS customers the best deal anywhere on the high street," said the company's head of games, Tim Ellis.

HMV is Nintendo's official partner for the launch, and is opening 100 stores across the UK at midnight on Thursday, including regional flagship stores LiverpoolOne and 150 Oxford Street, London.

The first 500 customers to purchase a 3DS console at the London store will also receive a free 3DS game of their choice.

UPDATE: HMV has clarified the levels of discount that the three older DS SKUs will offer, with a 3DS priced at £154.99 plus a DS Lite, £139.99 plus a DSi and £109.99 plus a DSi XL.

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Latest comments (14)

John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam8 years ago
"The retailer has also taken the unusual step of guaranteeing a trade-in price for the 3DS itself, to the tune of £200, if handed in by April 7"

Hang on .. aren't some retailers selling the 3DS new for under £200?
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Sebastian Moss Editor -in- Chief, PlayStation LifeStyle8 years ago
@John Haha, yeah, Amazon for one are selling it for £187. Someone at HMV really didnt think this through
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i don't get why people are happy to pay top dollar for something that doesn't do much more than the original ds that came out over 6 years ago.
At least the new psp coming out is actually new and advanced as far as tech goes.
Also if i were given the choice between a 3DS or a PS3 for £200, i know which one i'd go for. If i really had to play the new pokemon game id buy an old ds for £30
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John Pickford Owner, Zee 38 years ago
You should do a bit more research Kurtis. It does plenty more than the DS and it's a much more powerful system.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Much more powerful is a bit of an overstatement. It has around Wii graphics so it`s more or less on par with the PSP 1 hardware wise. I personally couldn`t care less for street pass it doesn`t add anything to my gameplay experience. So regarding the gameplay experience it got more power that can be used to improve gameplay, other than that it`s still using only one stick and the 3D is a gimmick that`s not very practical to use. Already pre order my NGP no mater the launch price, but not going to get a 3DS any time soon for the current price and what it can do.
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Much more powerful is not an understatement - when comparing to a DSi, etc. The tech gap between a 3DS and a NGP is much, much smaller than the tech gap between the DS & PSP. The biggest difference really is the high-res NGP screen.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Tech wise I`m not sure the gap is smaller. Apparently Nintendo never released the actual specs of the 3DS in regards to actual CPU and GPU is a PICA200 with probably 200MHz speed, the rumor is that it`s using a dual core CPU with 233MHz. We know that the NGP has a quad core CPU and a quad core GPU. The standard version of the ARM 9 runs between 800MHz and 2GHz what clock speed still needs to be seen and the standard version of the GPU with 200MHz while it`s using a modified version so also that clock speed still needs to be seen. On top of that the full specs for both can`t be found to have a look at RAM and the exact clock speeds.

The DS wasn`t that much behind the PSP, they where behind, but the gap wasn`t huge. As comparison the iPad 2 is running on the Apple A5 that has a dual core ARM 9 and a dual core GPU of the same manufacturing the NGP has. iPad and iPhone 4 run on the A4 with a single core ARM 8 and a single core GPU and those already where able to run the Unreal engine 3 and by far surpase what the 3DS can do graphics wise. Unless Sony is messing up again the RAM the gap will be huge, that Crytek and Epic engines are supported alongside Havok that needs a good amount of power should give a good hint at what kind of gap we are looking at.

If that is really in game on the NGP the 3DS power is absolutely nothing compared to the NGP
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game8 years ago
Damn. Wish i'd picked up on this and had spare cash. Pick up a second hand DS lite for £30-40 off ebay, trade in to get 3DS for £110, trade back for £200, and pocket £50.

Did they think this through carefully?
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Brandon Jaquez8 years ago
... Okay, tech-wise, I don't care. 3DS is might powerful and Resident Evil Revelations is one of the few games that REALLY show the power of the 3DS- heck, it's still in early development and we ALL know how the end result turns out to be. Even crazier, the 3DS was even tested to run Resident Evil 5 with NO problems as stated by Capcom. THAT tells you something. Who cares which has the most powerful graphics- the 3DS is a really strong system and I know I'll be getting quality titles that I love and familiar with on the DS. NGP... Well, the games really determine that. Not by eye-candy- but support from Sony, something that is lacking on the PSP. They can change this and this is the best oportunity for them to redeem themselves in the handheld space. I think they shouldn't be too worried about iPhone and that other stuff just as Nintendo isn't too concerned.

Focus on making and really pushing quality games on the NGP Sony. You've done it a few times on the PSP. Take it to the next level. Healthy competition between the 3DS and NGP is necessary as this will only push more innovation and creativity on both handhelds. As for the iPhone- bah, I want something dedicated to gaming.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Well stated, Brandon. Well stated.
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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert8 years ago
Aye, there´s not much to add to Jaquez statement.
To see it from the retailers postition, I think the 3DS will sell pretty well. A lot of gaming freaks will buy it at friday and some collectors will do as well.

There are a few problems though.
The Price: Selling a handheld, that is as expensive as a current gen console isn´t that easy.
Knowing that a lot of children already have a DSLite/DSi the parents have to be convinced first, to spend another 250 € for an "updated" (and they will see it as such) version of the handheld.
The next thing is the battery life. 3 to 5 hours isn´t that long. Reminds me of the time we played with the game gear wich was very expensive considering to buy good rechargeable batterys at the time.
What Nintendo probably messed up this time is the region codes included in the 3DS.

I know it´s just a tiny percentage of players that import games from asia but it´s like a step back in console history. It´s probably because Nintendo doesn´t want people to get the 3DS bought in countrys in wich the prices are much cheaper thanks to local currency.

But we all know nintendo; It´s only a matter of time untill the first Pokémon is released and all Kids go wild for it.
Let´s hope nintendo gets a hold of the piracy problem this time. Don´t get me wrong- I like those moduls for the indie game market and some homebrew applications but it really is a curse for a retailer to sell consoles with no games attached ;)
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@Michael Shagmar: you couldn't be more wrong. The 3rd is on par with the now 6 year old psp - there is just no comparison with the NGP. It's lightyears ahead in performance. In fact from what we've seen so far we can expect the majority of 3ds games to be between iPod touch (2nd gen , no shaders) and psp quality.
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Matthew Hill Head of Recruitment, Specialmove8 years ago
"Power" is not a key driver in purchasing decisions for Nintendo products. Ultimately quality of gaming experience is the key.
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Chris Holt Digital Designer 8 years ago
At the end of the day, out of the PSP and DS which console has the biggest, best and most inovative range of games? The DS by far.

The graphics on the 3DS are really nice for a handheld, just look at Resident Evil, but as long as good gameplay and original ideas come first, I couldnt care less about how photorealistic Mario's mustache looks.
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