BAFTA win "a kick-start right into the industry"

That Game Studio stunned at praise for Twang

Twang developer That Game Studio has been left stunned by their win at the BAFTA video game awards last night, after scooping the One to Watch accolade for their side-scrolling racer.

The group - consisting of students from Sweden and Scotland - were one of only three eligible for the award, after creating the game during their summer vacation for the Dare to be Digital competition.

"We are extremely amazed that we won the BAFTA Ones to Watch award," said the team in a statement. "We can barely believe it. It's like a kick-start right into the industry, a confirmation that we're doing something right."

Louis Natanson, academic director of the Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games at Abertay University, where the competition is held, added: "That Game Studio produced an exceptional game, that's both incredibly fun to play and shows that these are young professionals with a very bright future ahead of them."

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Steve Ball Software Engineer, Ubisoft Montreal10 years ago
Well done to them!
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Kenneth Young Freelance Composer & Sound Designer, AudBod10 years ago
I was confused as to why the Developers of 'Flower' were getting a Ones To Watch award, not because they aren't worth watching but because they presumably aren't eligible. But then I realised that this team have essentially just ripped off their name (That Game Studio vs That Game Company. Hrm, sounds like a lawsuit).

What a shame. With all this attention, wouldn't it have been better to have a unique name which isn't going to confuse people and possibly anger an existing developer, a winning name that you can capitalise on?

It's a loose-loose situation; either they keep their confusing name and muddle onwards, or they change it and loose some of the limelight. This doesn't take away from their achievement, it just makes things slightly harder for them when making a successful game is hard enough. And all this as a result of winning an award which is surely intended to assist them.

It's easy to see how it happened. Presumably it was an in-joke amongst the team, paying homage to a developer they respect. However, I don't think it's fair for the team to take the brunt of the blame here. If anything, it's a failure by Dare to be Digital - the competition and its teams get enough exposure in the industry that they should have known better, giving the potential startups under their wings sound, elementary business advice or, when that fails, a kick up the arse.

Let that be a lesson to you!
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Ross Colgan Experienced Artist, Codemasters10 years ago
Who gives a toss what their name is? It's really irrelevant to be honest. I suppose Rocksteady should be getting sued by Rockstar? Or maybe Electronic Arts should have sued Electronics Boutique?

Congratulations to them, those DtbD competitions are great at highlighting talent.
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Kenneth Young Freelance Composer & Sound Designer, AudBod10 years ago
You're right Rod, names are meaningless.
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Brian Baglow Head of Interactive Entertainment, Revolver PR10 years ago
To be entirely fair - when a team enters Dare, it's almost eight months before the competition really kicks off. Which is then another several months before the BAFTAs, so it's a very long time and a very vague possibility that this might, someday, happen...

The games industry isn't famous for serious and individual nature of the company names. I doubt very much anyone's going to be sued, lose out or encounter problems getting a job within the industry based on a team name.

Congratulations to the winning teams - all of them - and here's hoping for more recognition of the Dare competition across the games media in 2011, highlighting just how unique and valuable the competition is - globally - to the industry.
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Ross Colgan Experienced Artist, Codemasters10 years ago
Hey man, as long as Rod doesn't try and sue me for a name that loosely resembles his, I don't give a shit who you confuse me with. ;)
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Christopher Hardwick Software Engineer, EA Canada10 years ago
Wow... Such crazy talk, well done to them I say.
Such compititions change peoples lives for the better.
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Fabien Roussot Developer, Gunjin Games Ltd10 years ago
It was an interesting competition until the very end. Disappointed that we (Team Tickle) didn't get the award, but we worked/competed 10 weeks next too each other, and I know they deserve the award. The BAFTA evening was a victory on its own as we were able to meet people from all over the industry.
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Annette Nielsen Freelance Artist 10 years ago
Hello, Annette from That Game Studio here. Thanks for the gratulations, we're still completely overwhelmed. @Fabien: I know that whichever team would have won would have deserved it, sitting so close to each other at Abertay, we always saw that everyone was working really hard! :D (I miss the crunchtimes)

We now know that the name 'That Game Studio' really wasn't a good choice, not much to do about it now though, lesson learned! :)

I hope we'll get a chance to meet all the wonderful people from the competition and the ceremony sometime again in the future, as professional game devs!

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