Jagex partners with Hasbro for Transformers MMO

Online game set for Western release in 2012

Jagex has revealed details of its MMO partnership with toy maker Hasbro - the two are working on an online game based on the Transformers licence.

Hasbro already has a Transformers MMO in development with NetDragon for Asia, and a deal with Activision to create games based on the Transformers movies. This new game is targeting the US, Europe and Latin America.

"Hasbro's decision to align with Jagex speaks to the quality of their award-winning development and publishing team that boasts an outstanding track record of delivering innovative and fun online games capable of reaching millions of gamers across the globe," offered Mark Blecher, general manager of Digital Gaming and Media at Hasbro.

"We are extremely excited to create a dream team that combines Transformers brand stewards with Jagex development experts to deliver an epic Transformers gaming experience to fans in 2012."

Jagex is best known for free-to-play fantasy game RuneScape. It also runs a casual portal, FunOrb. In 2009 the company canned a futuristic sequel to RuneScape because it didn't meet quality expectations, costing the firm "tens of millions" according to its CEO Mark Gerhard.

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Latest comments (6)

Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London9 years ago
Good St00f Jagex.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 9 years ago
Based on movies therefore I have no interest. I hope that Jagex have a chat with High Moon about how to do this properly.

Plus since when did Transformers fit an RPG mould? It's going to take some convincing to show me that this is going to work.

Or we could read between the lines of what has been suggested in the article and say that this game will be Jagex's cancelled project with a Transformers skin.
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Adam Campbell Studying Games Technology, City University London9 years ago

That cancelled project was Mechscape, which has since become Stellar Dawn.

It wasn't really a sequel either like the article suggests, but a separate game in a similar mould.
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I think a transformers setting could be cool. But it really is dependant on the implementation, graphical quality and gameplay aspects for the RPG to work.

A future earth destroyed by Decepticons and the battle for earth by Autobots could be very cool, if done right.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 9 years ago
But again, as an RPG?

Transformers and it's appeal is firmly rooted in action so how are they going to convey that? But hell, if they can make FPS MMO like Planetside then I guess this could work.
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You could mash it as a mass effect meets Oblivion. The challenge is playing as a human or allowing a whole new variety of new transformers, which makes it less ...unique.

i.e you cant trust the player to make their own modular transformer design....or can you?
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