Zynga opens India studio

200 staff planned for largest office outside the US

Social game titan Zynga has opened another new studio – this time in Bangalore, India.

Zynga Studio I is to be its biggest headquarters outside of the US, and currently boasts 100 staff. The same number again is due to be added during the course of 2011.

The studio has in fact been open since late 2010, and so far has focused on database tech Membase. Its remit is now to expand, with around half of its incoming new staff being game developers.

Said Zynga's India manager Shan Kadavil to the Times of India, "we expect to tap creative development people from the Bollywood industry." Already on board is renowned animator Dhimant Vyas.

Zynga is now advertising 20 positions in the region, including game designers, artists, QA, product managers and software engineers.

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Latest comments (5)

I can't see but one reason to that choice: Cheap programmers :(
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Corey Williams Podcaster/blogger 7 years ago
Being unfamiliar with the gaming scene in India, could it be that they would offer a unique view on games? Rather than being "cheap programmers," maybe they have something to offer.
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Harley Gresham Game Design graduate seeking employment 7 years ago
Maybe, but their reasoning is far more likely for cheaper development costs.
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Nicolas D'Offay Programmer, Lightning Fish Games7 years ago
Outsourcing seems to be all the rage.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
Would this actually qualify as outsourcing though if they're setting it up as a Zynga-owned studio?! I mean, it's not the same as, say, Sony choosing Ready At Dawn to develop God of War: GOS or Konami contracting MercurySteam to develop Castlevania: LOS.

Anyway, I think it would be interesting for Zynga to comment on why they chose India specifically - it's not exactly a region noted for its game development. Unless they see some opportunities there in a region that is yet to be tapped, or like the more cynical among us might think: perhaps it's simply about low-cost employees.
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