Just Dance 2 reaches 1m UK sales milestone

Wii music game franchise has sold 10m globally, confirms Ubisoft

Wii title Just Dance 2 has sold over one million copies in the UK alone, publisher Ubisoft has confirmed to

While perhaps not achieving the immediate headline figures of the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption, the Ubisoft Paris-developed rhythm game has been a staple in the retail top ten for much of the past year.

Said a spokesperson, "Ubisoft is proud to confirm that Just Dance 2 has passed the 1 million barrier in the UK.

"Globally the franchise, which includes Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Kids (Dance Junior in UK) has tallied 10 million copies."

Just Dance 2 was released in Europe on October 14 2010, and as of last week was number five in the UK retail charts.

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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 8 years ago
It may have it's haters, but it's the best dancing game when it comes to just having fun, especially at parties. Harmonix should take note.
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Well at least Dance Central requires you to move your body to try to accurately do the moves compared to what is required in Just Dance. It`s probably more fun because people can`t fail horrible and get embarrassed because they have no rhythm to follow the prompts compared to wave your controller around do dance.
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Tom Keresztes Programmer 8 years ago

because some people Just can't Dance :D
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Private Industry 8 years ago
I know I`m one of them :D

I don`t like that kind of motion games, but still in my opinion Dance Central is a way better product compared to Just Dance.
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Imagine a marriage of just dance and We Dare....hehe
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Private Industry 8 years ago
Isn`t there a dance mini game that requires people to strip? At least there was one in the trailer :D
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
@ Werner - I think that was implied. The actual gameplay fotage is incongrous with the trailer of young adults up to hijinks :)
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