Frogster sues MMO site over gold and account selling

GameForge subsidiary accuses Elitepvpers of commercial gold farming in lawsuit

German MMO and browser game specialist Frogster is suing MMO site Elitepvpers over the alleged commercial sales of gold and game accounts for Runes of Magic, it has been revealed.

The site's owners are claiming that Frogster is trying to close down the entire section of the site dedicated to its Runes of Magic title, and has accused both owners and members of farming and selling in-game accounts and gold, despite having just penned an ad deal for new title Mythos.

"Elitepvpers has never sold gold for the game", said site owner Dominik Isen, as reported by Germany.

"As we found out, few of our users have offered gold, which they had acquired in the game by themselves, which they did not need anymore and which was dispensable. According to our research [nobody offered] gold which was farmed driven by commercial interest only to earn money with it."

Frogster, which was acquired by GameForge last year, has undergone a number of high profile staff changes in the months since, losing a number of key executives including COO Dirk Weyel last month.

The company is also involved in another lawsuit, attempting to sue a hacker who was holding the company to ransom over perceived deficiencies in customer service by threatening to release users' account information.

Frogster has been contacted for further comment on the issue.

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Björn Loesing Producer, OnnetCorp7 years ago
Would you please stop calling them a "Fansite"? Well done, Frogster, but a bit more research might have caused this to actually work.
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