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Sony opens up Move to amateur devs

Move.Me allows "hobbyists and academics" to create software for motion controller

Sony has lifted the lid on the rumoured PlayStation Move server - a piece of software known as Move.Me, which allows limited use of the motion controller on PC in order to create new games and applications for it.

The software is designed for "hobbyists and academics", claimed Sony senior engineer John McCutchan on the PlayStation Blog, and grants access to "the exact the same data that licensed developers have."

He claimed that "Even before PlayStation Move was publicly available to all of you, we were talking about the device's potential implications for academics and researchers. Move.Me... is an opportunity for PlayStation to inspire new, revolutionary applications in other fields beyond gaming."

Rather than running directly on PC, Move.Me involves running special server software on a PS3, which then communicates Move data to a nearby computer via LAN.

"We hope it will be used to discover new ways of connecting individuals with information, and maybe even discovering a new healthcare application or two."

Move.Me may, of course, also open up the controller to the same kind of inventive hacks as have been seen on Microsoft's rival Kinect. No release date is available as yet.

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Latest comments (3)

Still a bit awkward but it's a move on the right direction, and one Sony is very late in taking
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Stephen Woollard Online Infrastructure Specialist, Electronic Arts10 years ago
In other words, "everyone hates us for the whole lawsuit thing, and Microsoft did it with Kinect, so we figured we'd better do it too..." :-)
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Private Industry 10 years ago
Kinect SDK is still not out either and we all know who has it easier to make a SDK for Windows to use one of the two devices. :)

While I agree they are not really fast, I still have to say on the gaming side Sony does a hell of a job to support the mod community. Yes those few homebrew people want to make complete applications and write it all themselves and they might be better off getting XNA, Android SDKs or boot up their PC. It gets often overlooked that Sony is doing a huge thing with LBP, ModNation Racers and now even inFamous 2 where they allow people to do great stuff and share it with people for free. In that way it`s the most open console out there since the launch of Folklore that included a level editor and UT3 that allowed players to use PC mods in the PS3 version (even as one of the very few official keyboard and mouse support), just looking at what people do with LBP2 is mind blowing and MM even hired some LBP 1 people. What Sony does right now is what was so great about PC`s in the golden age, not the possibilities to write everything by yourself but providing the people with a solid foundation on which they can build upon. CS was created using the solid foundation Valve gave players with the Half Life mod tools and Battlefield 2 incooperated many things that where first made in the Desert Combat mod for the first battlefield. Many people who where doing mods on PC got a job in the industry because they where doing great stuff.

While I do respect MS for what they do with XNA, you are just not going to see that in their games because that stuff could potentially cut into the profit of DLC so giving the people the option to create something for free that would be as good as what they would release is not a good thing. The closest thing to that is Halo`s forge mode and even that is very limited because there are no possibilities in creating your own terrain and you can only expand on the one given to you.

I spend the better part of my teenager time in Valves Hammer editor and Maya and was never good at programming except a calculator in visual basic and spent a huge amount with Half Life and Battlefield :D That`s what Sony is offering the people. They provide them with the engine and the tools to make stuff and try to bring to consoles what was once so great about the PC while still offering DLC and just providing a product that`s worth the money and less likely to get traded back in.

End of off topic rant :)

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Private on 3rd March 2011 11:04pm

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